If You Have This Lettuce in Your Fridge, Get Rid of It Right Now

A balanced diet full of fresh vegetables is important for maintaining a healthy body and immune system at all times, but especially in the current pandemic. However, romaine lettuce has become one vegetable we need to be extra careful of lately, as numerous reports of E. coli contamination have emerged in 2020. In fact, four […]

The One Trick That Makes All Your Meals Healthy

Food can be confusing. One of our main goals is to simplify and make healthy eating as easy as possible. And there may be no simpler way of judging whether a meal or snack is healthy for you than by asking three simple questions: Where’s my protein,...
PlateJoy Review| U.S. News

PlateJoy Review| U.S. News

Eating for better health isn’t always a simple or straightforward proposition. It can take a lot of time and effort to plan meals, shop for food and cook that healthy food every day, three times a day. (Getty images) Plus, being able to adjust recipes that sound tasty...