4 Low Fiber Diet Signs & How to Eat More Fiber

Fiber isn’t exactly the sexiest topic (let’s be honest, when you hear “fiber” it is near impossible not to think of poop). But lack of sexiness aside, packing plenty of fiber into your meals is an extremely important part of healthy eating. “It is essential for good digestion and keeps your gut microflora healthy and […]
Why You Should Eat More Nuts

Why You Should Eat More Nuts

Many years ago, I lost a lot of weight on a low-fat diet. In that world, fat-tastic nuts were basically off-limits. How times have changed! Since then, scientists have uncovered numerous health benefits in those tasty, portable tidbits. And it turns out that while...

Worst Foods to Eat If Heart Disease Is In Your Family

Summer is already in full swing, and with your social calendars expanding, your food and beverage choices will be as well. Who can resist a little BBQ action on a summer night? If you happen to be someone with a family history of heart disease, though, trying to stick...