9 Things You Should Know Before Embarking on a Long-Distance Relationship

Photo credit: Khadija Horton
Photo credit: Khadija Horton

From Cosmopolitan

For starters: It’s not that bad, okay? Contrary to what many people think, it’s actually v attainable to maintain a long-distance relationship with someone under the right pretenses. (Those pretenses being: a healthy amount of communication, transparency, and openness).

That said, long distance relationships are not for everyone. And especially for those of you under the guise that “distance makes the heart grow fonder” because that’s the Disney-esque version of what I consider bullshit. (More on that later).

But while long-distance isn’t exactly ideal, if it’s temporary and there’s a clear end-goal in sight, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an immediate deal breaker either. And luckily, there are some practical ways to make LDRs suck a whole lot less if you find yourself in one.

Behold, expert approved hacks to keep your long-distance relationship running as smooth as possible. You’re welcome.

1. Don’t

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