Letters to editor for Monday, Nov. 30, 2020

Election fraud facts on golf course?

It seems most people in the USA think Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. This includes a good number of courts, including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, that have thrown out his filings of election fraud.

One even had the audacity to state that facts of said fraud or corruption were required. Idle gossip lost again. So sad.

So what has our loser been doing since the election? According to various sources, he has visited Trump National Golf Course in Virginia nine times and played a “confirmed round” on six of those occasions. That’s nine times in three weeks. When has he had time for “presidenting”? There’s a pandemic going on, as well as usual domestic and international affairs. Oh, and I forgot about those court filings.

I agree golf is important to one’s health; I played. But I remember a quote he made back

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Letter: Teach suicide prevention in schools

In Utah, suicide is the leading cause of death for youth (10-17) and rates remain on the rise. This information is concerning for a variety of reasons, mainly surrounding one main idea: Suicide is preventable. Suicide prevention can be a daunting task, but why not...

A ‘suspicious’ diagnosis this woman didn’t see coming

Janet Freeman-Daily shares her stunning diagnosis and rocky path toward treatment.In early 2011, Janet Freeman-Daily was feeling healthy—except for a cough she couldn’t shake. “It was kind of a little thing,” she tells Yahoo Life. “But it was getting more...

Dentist’s warning after healthy dad-of-seven who didn’t drink or smoke dies aged 37

A dentist has warned that thousands of Brits may be unknowingly living with mouth cancer after a "healthy" dad-of-seven died from the disease. Alan Birch, 37, lived a healthy, active lifestyle and did not drink or smoke but died from an aggressive form of mouth cancer in April. The self-employed plasterer, from Wirral in Merseyside, was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2018, and had to have 90 per cent of his tongue removed, Liverpool Echo reports. Despite Alan undergoing both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the cancer returned each time and specialists told his devastated family there was nothing more they could do for him. Alan and his partner of 12 years, Debbie McDonough, decided to get married in February, but he tragically died a few weeks later in April. Dad-of-seven Alan Birch died of mouth cancer in April (Image: LiverpoolEcho/ WS) Alan lived a healthy, active lifestyle and did not drink or smoke (Image: LiverpoolEcho/ WS) Read More Related Articles Read More Related Articles...

Bitcoin Price Sets New Record High Above $19,783

After nearly three years of waiting, bitcoin investors can celebrate a new all-time high Monday after the leading cryptocurrency traded as above $19,900 Monday morning, breaking the previous record set in December 2017, according to CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI)...

My Life Is Little House on the Prairie. I Blame TikTok

My life is Little House on the Prairie now, and it's all TikTok's fault. I know this because a few weeks ago I stepped out my door and was filled with a quiet fear. The frost had come while I was sleeping and one look at my plants revealed they did not escape...

28 Simple Tips to Improve Your Health

As a doctor, I know frightening health statistics are everywhere. We're all getting fatter (obesity), developing chronic diseases (diabetes) and succumbing to potential pandemics (coronavirus). It's all pretty scary. So how can we improve our health? Yes, we want...

Are Pecans Good for You? Here’s What Nutritionists Say

Pecans: A healthy nut The rich and buttery goodness of pecans makes for an indulgent ingredient in sweet treats, or as a garnish. At least that's where pecans traditionally land—in pecan pie and on sticky buns. But maybe that's why we've overlooked pecans as a healthy...

Sources: Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game still on for Tuesday despite COVID-19 outbreak

Sources: Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game still on for Tuesday despite COVID-19 outbreak

Baltimore’s game at Pittsburgh is still on for Tuesday night and the NFL intends for it to be played, according to sources.

As of Sunday morning, there have been at least 11 Ravens players and eight staffers who have tested positive for COVID-19, sources said.

Baltimore had two new cases from Saturday’s testing as Pro Bowl tight end Mark Andrews and Pro Bowl outside linebacker Matthew Judon tested positive, a source told ESPN. Andrews, one of two current NFL players with Type 1 diabetes, said in early August that he was always committed to playing during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m a healthy person and I’ve worked really hard since a very young age of keeping my body in the best shape

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5 habit tracking apps that will put you ahead of your 2021 goals

The new year is the perfect time to set fresh goals and expectations for yourself—but more often than not we allow our New Year’s resolutions to fall by the wayside a few weeks into January.That shouldn’t be the case—and it doesn’t have to be if you find the right...