How bad is it, and what are officials doing about it?

Kristina Latta-Landefeld of Envision Partnerships said Butler County people got the idea from Ohio legislation introduced during the last general assembly that would have required gun shops to provide such information. Envision Partnerships is an organization that works to curb drug and alcohol abuse and promote healthy living.

Rieck said he worked on such materials with Franklin County LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) “that provide some information on suicide in what I would call a gun-friendly manner, because a lot of the suicide stuff is associated with folks who want to pass anti-gun legislation and things like that.”

ExploreFrom 2019… ‘We have to talk about it’: Butler County among state leaders in suicides

“The thought was, ‘Let’s do it in a way that the people who need to get the message are not going to be turned off by it,” he said.

“The message is kind of like,

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Biden can rethink US food, agriculture to combat climate change

The global food system as it stands is jeopardizing our health and the environment.  The government needs to make finding solutions a national priority.  Incentivizing healthy eating and implementing regenerative farming practices will help put us on the right path. ...

200 Black-owned businesses to support in 2021

And Covid-19 isn’t helping anything: More than 40 percent of Black-owned businesses shut down by April of last year, compared with a 17 percent decline among white-owned businesses. And while around 75 percent of Black-owned small businesses saw upticks in the two...

Two Things to Know About Cycling in Arkansas | Travel

(BPT) - Arkansas has become a great destination and place to live for people who love to ride bicycles.Regional investments in biking infrastructure and the increased desire for a healthy lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic have driven a surge in riding bikes. With the convergence of bicycles on the road, safety is of the utmost importance.Nearly three in four (74 percent) of surveyed Arkansans say bicycles can be both functional and recreational, according to an Atomik Research survey of 1,005 Arkansans from June 26-29, 2020. Many bike riders and motorists are unaware of the new rules regarding riding bicycles in Arkansas. Seventy-six percent of Arkansans did not know that a cyclist could yield/slow down at a stop sign if there is no oncoming traffic, according to the survey. Eighty-one percent of Arkansans did not know a bicyclist could stop and then go at a red traffic light if there is no oncoming traffic.So, let’s dive into those new rules so you won’t be caught unaware when...

Oberg starts Spring Training healthy and ready to go | Sports

Former Tewksbury resident and star pitcher Scott Oberg is healthy and gearing up for the 2021 season with the Major League Baseball team the Colorado Rockies.Oberg broke into the majors in April of 2015 and missed parts of the 2016 and all of last year due to...

SF Giants add Jordan Humphreys, keep Trevor Gott

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Giants are happy with the progress right-hander Tyler Beede has made while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, but fans won’t get the chance to see him pitch for at least another three months. The club transferred Beede to the 60-day injured...

The most helpful beginner tips for meditating

The most helpful beginner tips for meditating The most helpful beginner tips for meditating The most helpful beginner tips for meditating Meditation is a healthy habit with a plethora of benefits. It can lower stress levels, improve your...

Kid-Friendly Light King Ranch Chicken Casserole

This week’s American Heart Association recipe features a dish for the whole family. The Light King Ranch Chicken Casserole has a heart-healthy twist on the classic American chicken dish that will be devoured in minutes. Serves six Ingredients: – Cooking spray – 2 lb....

Unity can develop when we follow biblical principles

This past year has been one of the most challenging times in modern history. Every person in our nation has been affected to some degree by the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis and the racial injustice which tested us on every level.

In the midst of all this, we have become more divided as a nation than ever before. It is heart breaking to look around and see just how much hatred and division is running rampant all across our nation.

However, the good news is there is a solution to every problem that we are facing.

I believe that unity is a major element in turning the tide in this country. Unity is defined in the dictionary as the state of being united or joined as a whole. Unity doesn’t mean that we always see eye to eye on everything, rather it does mean that we choose to

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Simply Good Foods Showing Improved Strength

Health sells, whether it's fitness equipment or nutritious foods, especially in the stay-at-home era. On Friday, the Relative Strength (RS) Rating for Simply Good Foods (SMPL) climbed to 71, up from 68. X A 71 Relative Strength Rating means that Denver-based healthy...

The Virgo Full Moon Delivers a Fated Message. Are You Listening?

On February 27, 2021 (12:17 AM Pacific Time), there will be a full moon at 8°57’ of Virgo. Full moons often bring attention to what we’ve been overlooking. But this is especially true when they’re in detail-oriented Virgo. Not only do we notice things we’d ordinarily...