October 22, 2021

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The 13 Offbeat Productivity Tips Every Freelancer Should Use

Productivity is the key to success and growth for freelancers. However, staying productive and consistently delivering the best to your clients is not easy.

Many of the productivity-boosting tips available online aren’t necessarily suitable for freelancers. Therefore, you should try these productivity hacks that you may not have heard of before.

1. Take a Well-Earned Break

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It may totally sound like a counterproductive tip, but taking some time off from your work will make you feel refreshed. Taking a small break is an over-suggested tip, but that might not work for super-exhausted freelancers.

You can take a break for two to three hours and do whatever you like. You can take a power nap or play your favorite game. Once you get back to work, you can feel yourself full of productive vibes.

2. Unplug From the Internet

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The internet is the main source of distraction. There can be certain website blockers available, but this will not do the trick for you. Doing something drastic like completely turning off the internet connection will help you focus on your work.

You can try writing on offline tools like MS Word instead of using web-based tools like Google Docs. In case you want to check out references from the internet, you can save the web pages as PDF files.

3. Create a “Not-to-Do” List

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As you heard, To-do lists can help you accomplish the most amount of productivity you can. But, what about the “Not-to-Do” list? You can refer to this list as a helpful reminder of things you need to avoid.

The things that break your concentration and the most common time wasters should be noted. Place them on your “Not-to-Do” list and follow them strictly.

4. Remove Unnecessary Clutter From Workspace

Your workstation does not have to be aesthetically decorated. All you need is a clutter-free area for high productivity. There is no better time to clean your workstation than when you are low in productivity.

You should invest your non-productive time to declutter your workspace or the room where you work. You will not only get a neat workspace, but also regain your concentration.

5. Put Your Phone in Silent Mode

Your phone is there for instant communication. Make sure it doesn’t become the tool that constantly interrupts you. While working on your projects, keep the phone in silent mode.

If there is an emergency, people will surely leave a message or call you again. Once you are free, you can call them back or reply to their texts.

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6. Repeatedly Listen to the Same Music

Playing a song on the loop can work wonders for your productivity. There is no need to check your playlist and play the songs. Put a single song on repeat, and once your brain gets accustomed to it, the flow will enhance your productivity.

While you might not get the desired result the first time, but when you do, this tip will be worth trying repeatedly.

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7. Bring Some Changes to the Workspace

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Working at the same place in the same posture can bring boredom and turn out to be anti-productive. Most freelancers lead a sedentary lifestyle. Besides causing an array of health issues like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, it can also cause fatigue.

Getting a standing desk will offer you a positive change and assist you in becoming more productive. You can also switch between desk and bed to add some variation in your sitting posture to avoid boredom.

8. Play With Your Cats and Dogs

If you own pets (cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, etc.), enjoying their company will keep you distracted from your workload. So, whenever you feel down and think that sitting in front of the laptop is not taking you anywhere, spend time with your fur buddies. They are the cutest kind of distractions you want in your life for enhanced work performance.

9. Stop Talking

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Remember how you just wanted to ask your mom something and ended up chatting with her for half an hour? That’s right. It often happens that one talk leads to another, and you end up losing the productive hours.

While working on a project that requires stamina and vigor, it is a good idea to completely avoid small talks with your family members and friends.

10. Eat Some Healthy Snacks

When you know that your brain has stopped functioning to produce something fruitful, you may want to eat something for a break. Utilize this opportunity to have some healthy snacks and drinks like walnuts, berries, bananas, avocados, dark chocolate, yogurt, green tea, and coffee.

Studies have shown that all of these foods positively affect brain processes that enhance performance and productivity.

11. Adjust Light and Temperature

The lighting and temperature of your workplace can affect your performance in both positive and negative ways. For optimum performance, make sure you are not feeling too hot or cold while working. Adjust the thermostat so that you get the ideal temperature in your room according to the weather.

Also, avoid any direct lighting on your computer screen or face to stay away from focusing problems. While doing that, make sure you get sufficient light in your workstation to retain complete attention.

12. Say No More Often

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Are you someone who can’t say no easily, even when an old client asks you to do some work for free? It’s time to change your attitude and start saying “NO” when you must.

Any unnecessary and unproductive tasks will consume your valuable time and energy. Skip such tasks and invest more in the work that actually matters.

13. Become a Mono-Tasker

In this fast-paced world, multitasking is a hot topic, but it can rob you of crucial time. The brain is a magical organ, but it has its limits as well. To stay productive and attentive, you need to prioritize your projects and focus more on mono-tasking.

Choose the project that has the closest deadline and work on it. As a result, your brain will have only one thing to do and complete it as quickly as possible.

Boost Your Efficiency With These Unusual Approaches

To always stay productive and boost your output as a freelancer, you must try out these hacks without a miss. Moreover, make your weekdays super productive by combining offbeat productivity tips with online apps for freelance business management.

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