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Less Dental Work Is Healthier: Smile Care Dental Unique Dental Treatment Philosophy Is Helping Patients Save Money and Stay Healthy

CAMBRIDGE, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2021 / Smile Care Dental is a Canadian single-location dental clinic. They are the ones behind Less Dental Work Is Healthier!, a blog filled to the brim with information on oral health, dental procedures, and prevention.

“Less Dental Work Is Healthier!” is both a bold proclamation and the name of the blog operated by Smile Care Dental, a Canadian clinic located in Cambridge, Ontario. The blog’s name is a warning, a reminder of a fact that dentists seldom mention, and patients are often unaware of: dental work causes problems. Repairing, removing, and replacing teeth may solve issues in the short term, but these procedures often lead to more problems in the long run.

As the dental clinic explains on their website: “In medicine and dentistry, we strive to reproduce nature’s design but fall well short of it. If you have a tooth removed, you are more likely to lose another, as the rest of your teeth shift, making it more likely they will develop cavities and gum disease.”

Of course, these aren’t the only issues associated with dental work. Dental procedures are also expensive, and they carry risks, as any medical procedure does. Risks of complications and long-term negative consequences. All of these elements together are the reasons why the founders behind Smile Care Dental adopted a treatment philosophy focused on information, prevention, and minimal intervention. Only performing dental work when strictly necessary. They believe that just as the best doctors give the least medicine, the best dentists do the least dental work.

A blog written by dentists

Almost all of the content discussing dental work and treatments on the internet isn’t written by dentists. It is written by marketing teams, with the main goal of boosting rankings and increasing profit margins. As a result, these guides often misrepresent procedures themselves and do a poor job of explaining how a procedure can be avoided, or when it is not necessary.

Seeing these issues, Dr. Adam Szymczak – co-founder of Smile Care Dental – decided to start writing honest guides related to various dental procedures. Content that takes his unique philosophy to heart, showing patients not only how procedures worked and what patients should expect, but also when treatment may not be necessary. Less Dental Work Is Healthier! was created as a home for these guides, a blog meant not only to inform Smile Care Dental patients but also anyone else who might need dental work around the world.

The entire blog is a public service. It’s meant to inform patients so they can take better care of their oral health, and so they can avoid unnecessary procedures. After all, as stated, nothing holds up as well as our own tooth structure in the long term. This means that undergoing unnecessary dental procedures isn’t just a waste of time and money – it’s actively harmful to the patient’s health.

A good example of the blog’s core message can be found in their guide on dentist scams, which covers the basics of what people need to know in order to avoid unnecessary dental procedures and protect their health. The guide is available on https://www.smilecaredental.ca/blog/dentist-scams-and-unnecessary-dental-treatment.

The value of doing nothing

Patients also need to keep in mind that sometimes dentists perform dental work simply because they feel they are expected to act, even when inaction might have been the best solution. Or when the issue could be fixed by a change in patient behavior, rather than direct intervention.

Wisdom teeth removal is a good example of challenges patients often deal with. Unnecessary wisdom teeth removal is often pushed by clinics onto patients who do not need the procedure. On top of that, even good-intentioned dentists may decide to be proactive and suggest a wisdom teeth removal when said teeth present any problems simply because wisdom teeth are hard to repair and hard to keep clean.

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But as mentioned before, removing teeth has risks, and it can lead to more issues down the line. And if a patient is having issues with their oral health, education and prevention are both safer and cheaper than performing dental surgery. “9 out of 10 patients that we meet for the first time in our office have significant room for improvement in the way they care for their oral health,” explains Smile Care Dental. Dentists often don’t spend enough time showing patients how to take proper care of their teeth or explaining what can be done to eliminate the need for dental surgery in a given situation.

Realities like these are the reason why the content on Less Dental Work is Healthier! is so important. As Dr. Adam Szymczak explains: “We are helping people be smart about their dental procedure choices, especially understanding the choice and the benefits of doing nothing. The recommendation of doing nothing is underutilized by dentists!”

About Smile Care Dental

Dr. Adam Szymczak and Dr. Joanne Baldos are husband and wife dentists serving Cambridge Ontario since 2001. They are the owners and operators of Smile Care Dental: a dental clinic of dentists, specialists, and qualified auxiliaries providing the full range of dental care for your whole family. The clinic’s range of services includes root canals, wisdom teeth care and removal, sedation dentistry, child dentistry, and more.

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