VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2021 / Nepra Foods Inc. (“Nepra”) ( CSE: NPRA ), creator of nutritious plant-based and allergen-free food, introduces their proprietary THP™ (textured hemp protein), a healthier, more environmentally-friendly plant protein that could disrupt the nearly billion-dollar textured vegetable protein (TVP) market. THP™ is a key ingredient in Nepra’s commercial and direct-to-consumer meat alternatives and will be used extensively in future product development.

Most textured vegetable proteins (TVPs) are derived from peas, soybeans, wheat, and other plant sources. Many of these can trigger food allergies, or have an “off” flavor and texture. Hemp, the base for THP™, is one of the cleanest, healthiest seeds on the market, making it a superior plant protein. The introduction of THP™ will revolutionize the plant-based sector and set a new precedent for future plant proteins.

Industrial hemp is non-GMO, eco-friendly, and a sustainable crop. Unlike many other plant-based proteins, hemp is a naturally pest-resistant plant, which does not require pesticides to grow. Different from soy, a common source of TVP, hemp is 100% allergen-free, which provides a safer plant-based protein option to those who suffer from food allergies. In comparison to other TVPs, hemp is higher in both protein and fiber and contains all 20 essential amino acids, plus the proper omega 3 to 6 fatty acid ratios our bodies need for optimum wellness. Used in Nepra’s ProPasta CPG line and other meat alternatives, THP™ has a naturally high protein bioavailability, is easy to digest, and has an unmatched neutral taste and color.

According to a recent report[1], the worldwide textured vegetable protein industry is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2027, driven by the demand for meat alternatives by health-conscious consumers. To keep up with this demand, Nepra has invested in specialized equipment for the commercial production of THP, which will be housed in their new 31,000 square foot manufacturing facility and test kitchen in Centennial, Colorado. This secure, controlled environment will also serve as a laboratory and testing center for new product development.

“We believe THP™ will become the gold standard for plant-based protein replacements due to the many health, environmental, and flavor benefits,” says Nepra CEO David Wood.

“We are thrilled to introduce a textured vegetable protein that speaks to the natural bioavailability of proteins in our body,” says Nepra’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chadwick White. “Not only is THP™ higher in protein than most other TVPs, but it is also non-allergen, non-GMO, and a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids our bodies need.”

Nepra creates its THP™ by concentrating the protein of the hemp seed and then texturizing it. This proprietary process creates a versatile substance that is packed full of nutrition and is neutral in flavor; making it an ideal protein replacement. And because THP™ closely mimics different meat forms and textures, it can be used for anything from vegetarian chili, tacos, and burgers to meatballs, Bolognese pasta sauce, sausages, and more.

Not all plant proteins are created equal. Nepra’s THP™ makes eating healthy an easy choice by not compromising flavor, texture or nutrition. Everything Nepra creates is plant-based, allergen-free, and gluten-free.

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About Nepra Foods

Nepra Foods is grounded in a passion for food. We believe eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult. Everybody deserves food options that are truly nutritious and taste good. Food shouldn’t contain allergens that might prevent everybody in the family from enjoying it together. People shouldn’t have to compromise quality and taste in what they eat even if they are trying to cut down on carbs, don’t tolerate gluten or dairy very well, or don’t want to eat food produced from animals. Nepra Foods is on a mission to make healthy, enjoyable food for everybody.

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[1] August 4th 2021 The “Textured Vegetable Protein Market by Product Type, Form, and End User: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2027” report has been added to

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