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By Sergio Porragas / Director of Operations (COO) of OCCMundial

Mexico is the country with the highest work stress according to the World Health Organization (WHO) , a problem that, says the agency, refers to a group of emotional, psychological, cognitive and behavioral reactions to professional demands that exceed knowledge and the worker’s abilities to perform optimally.

In a context like the one we have experienced in the face of the pandemic, the situation has worsened and 6 out of 10 professionals say they have suffered work-related stress in the last two years, points out the study of ” Work stress in Mexico “, carried out jointly by the Internet MX Association and OCCMundial.

The truth is that all employees are exposed to work stress, which can affect not only our physical but mental health. For this reason, as companies we must make sure that our work team is not going through this situation and if so, take action on the matter.

To do this, at OCCMundial we provide the following recommendations to reduce stress levels in organizations:

  • Monitor and analyze. Surely your company has already complied with the first phase of NOM 035 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to identify psychosocial risk factors in your workplace. If you have not done so, take advantage of this tool to have an overview of what worries and stresses your collaborators in a general and personal way. Analyze your absenteeism, turnover, complaints and productivity rates.
  • Assess health risks. It is not necessary to have a sophisticated tool to ask your employees about their levels of satisfaction and stress at work, you can use practical questionnaires to know their situation, as well as their exercise habits, food, hours of sleep and other external factors.
  • Make an action plan. According to the analysis obtained, it defines general and particular strategies, in case there are concerns per group of people, according to the demands of their position or personal situations that address work and family matters.
  • Review the structure of the work. The aforementioned study found that the lack of control over work methods, work pace, schedules and work environment is the main cause of stress for workers, especially for young people. Thus, you should review how your teams are being organized and take actions to establish clear objectives in each position to avoid uncontrolled.
  • Integrate flexibility. You can decide to implement strategies that allow greater work flexibility in terms of the type of work, schedules, benefits, as well as facilities to care for children or the elderly, this will give your collaborators a break and they will be able to better combine their responsibilities.
  • Put your well-being first. Now more than ever we know that the well-being of people must be the priority in organizations, including their physical and mental health, so offering a healthy and safe physical space will contribute to the productivity and profitability of businesses.
  • Use technological tools . There are more and more mobile applications and online tools that offer benefits to help collaborators reduce their work and personal concerns, including some of productivity and time management, such as calendars, task lists and reminders or alerts to facilitate the organization of tasks. employees and provide a greater sense of control.

Take into account that work stress in our employees has increased as a result of the pandemic and they are experiencing greater concerns and uncertainty. In addition to the challenges they normally face, they are also afraid of losing their job due to the economic situation or fear of catching it when they return to work in person at their work centers. Let us be empathetic and take actions to take care of our human talent, let us remember that they are the engine to recover and boost the dynamism of our businesses.

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