REVEALING the list of unacceptable lunch box fillers that her kid brought home from school, one mum has asked for meal advice online, but the guidelines have annoyed many parents.

Although some embrace the school’s decision to only allow healthy snacks, other mums and dads have said that it is up to them what their child eats.

The school kids are not allowed any pastry, even the savoury kind


The school kids are not allowed any pastry, even the savoury kindCredit: Getty – Contributor

Posting in the popular Facebook group All Packed Up – Kids Packed Lunch Ideas and Sharing UK – the mum shared the “new healthy policy list” for her son’s school.

The mum said: “I’d like to get some ideas together that I can have on a list for me to look at and out lunches together quickly. Any ideas would be great. Thank you!”

The letter read: “Dear Parent/Carer. Please remember that in line with our healthy living policy, children are not allowed to bring the following into school, to eat either at break time or lunchtime.”

The list said that the foods that would no longer be permitted on school grounds, included chocolate of any form, high sugar foods such as sweets, pastries, or fruit winders.

It went on to say that high salty foods were also forbidden, along with any pastries or pies whether sweet or savoury and “any other food or drink items that staff feel is unhealthy.”

The post has received a whopping 415 comments, with parents divided in their reactions.

Agreeing with the policy, one commented: “This is exactly how my children’s school food policy is and I must say I prefer it. I make healthy snacks and they are happy to not have any junk at school.”

Another agreed to say: “I work in a school kitchen, my daughter doesn’t go to the school I work in. But in our school ( work) we serve healthy everything. Even cake is with fruit in. Nothing like it used to be when I had school dinners.”

Others’ however are very annoyed at what they believe is an overly restrictive list.

One commented: “I understand energy drinks, fizzy drinks etc but pies, pastries, spreads etc should be included in a balanced diet. Explaining to kids they can’t have all this is a sure way to create eating disorders and issues with food!”

“Personally think parents should feed what they think it ok for their child to eat and no teacher should dictate that … opinions should be kept to them selfs and nothing but gratitude that a kid has come to school today with a full meal!” said another.

“I think you should complain and tell them to stop being so ridiculous! I’m all for healthy eating and glad the schools support it to a point…but this is going too far and I’d be getting back to them with my opinion” said a third.

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The school has sent out a restrictive list


The school has sent out a restrictive listCredit: Getty – Contributor
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