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Kombucha Town Raising Capital on StartEngine to Expand Popular Beverage Line | News

BELLINGHAM, Wash., Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kombucha is a semi sweet, fermented tea that is both healthy and delicious.  Kombucha has become a rising star in the functional beverage world, regularly outpacing growth of other functional beverage categories for over a decade. Kombucha Town takes traditional kombucha to a whole new level through their time-tested proprietary formulations and production process. It is the Founder and CEO Chris McCoy’s vision to replace unhealthy sugary beverages with innovative healthy alternatives.

Present day the company is generating revenue with impressive year-over-year sales growth thanks to their retail presence in Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Kroger, Sprouts and Harris Teeter among other food and beverage retailers as well as a robust ecommerce operation shipping products directly to customers coast to coast.

Looking ahead, a study published by Market Study Report, LLC, the global Kombucha market size alone is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025 and is expected to reach nearly $5 Billion by 2025 compared to just over $1 Billion this year.  To capitalize on this upward trend, Kombucha Town plans to expand its product offerings to include a line of alcoholic products, a youth-oriented line of kombucha, performance enhancing recovery drinks, and much more.

As an innovator in the rapidly growing functional beverage industry, Kombucha Town has positioned itself for continued growth. Their Live Seltzer not only combines two of the strongest emerging trends in the industry, seltzer products and pro biotics, but it’s also affordable for the average consumer. Live seltzer is the first ever pro biotic seltzer water on the market with Zero Sugar, 1-2 calories per can and all-natural ingredients.

Kombucha Town is also on an environmental mission; all their products are Non-GMO, organic, fair trade and is a partner of “1% for the planet”. They also plant a tree for every case sold online to help restore forests and priceless animal habitats.

Thanks to equity crowdfunding anyone can be an investor in this exciting beverage producer.  Everyone is invited to look over the offer on StartEngine and consider making an investment.

The Kombucha Town equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine – https://bit.ly/2IwajMx

The Kombucha Town corporate website – https://kombuchatown.com/

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