January 26, 2022

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Keke Palmer opened up about having acne ‘so bad’ that people in the entertainment industry offered to pay for treatments

keke palmer
Keke Palmer is frequently outspoken about her skin and acne. Eduardo Munoz/Reuters
  • Keke Palmer opened up about having acne caused by polycystic ovary syndrome in an Instagram post with three no-makeup selfies on Wednesday.

  • She said that her acne has been “so bad” throughout her life that she’s “tried everything” and even used Accutane medication twice.

  • Palmer also wrote that people in the entertainment industry have offered to pay for skin treatments for her in the past.

  • The actress is outspoken about her skin, and has talked about acne via Twitter on numerous occasions.

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Keke Palmer is opening up about what it’s like to have acne caused by polycystic ovary syndrome.

On Wednesday, the actress and musician posted three barefaced selfies to show her skin without makeup during an acne flare-up. According to Palmer, polycystic ovary syndrome – a hormonal disorder that can cause irregular periods, infertility, and more – has been “attacking” her “from the inside out” throughout her entire life, though she didn’t know it for a long time.

“My acne has been so bad that people in my field offered to pay for me to get it fixed,” Palmer wrote. “I tried EVERYTHING. I did Accutane TWICE. People say drink water, have a better diet, but I did all that, I ate all the ‘right’ things, my blood tests were fine.”

Palmer said on Instagram that she struggled to get doctors to take her acne seriously

The multihyphenate star said in order to determine the cause of her acne, she had to look into her family history of diabetes and obesity “to understand what was ACTUALLY happening.”

“And unfortunately doctors are people and if you don’t ‘look the part’ they may not think that’s your problem,” Palmer wrote. “They may not even suggest it if you ‘look healthy’ whatever that means! I came to a doctor in tears once and all they offered was a measles vaccine… Exactly.”

Despite her struggles, Palmer added that having acne is “okay” and that “we can help ourselves.”

“My skin has made me sad many nights but I do not give up on myself,” she said. “I know this is not me and my body has been looking for help. I do not have a medical degree but I did the research and took what I learned to a doctor and that led them to a proper diagnosis. I’m not saying trust Web MD for everything haha but what I am saying is no one can help us like we can help ourselves.”

She added: “This especially makes me sad because my family struggled for years and no doctor could help them, they actually mislead them and just took their money. It’s only because of what my family sacrificed that allows me to even have the resources to share the information I’m sharing with you! Their fight out of poverty gave me a better life and I just want to share what I learn 🙏🏾”

Palmer ended her post by noting that acne is one of “the least harmful things PCOS can bring.” Still, she wanted to let “all the people struggling” with similar skin conditions know that they’re not alone and “still so f—— fine!”

“MY ACNE AINT NEVER STOPPED ME,” Palmer said. “But we don’t have to accept this. Now I can really help KEKE! And I love her so it’s ON. Pray for me on this journey and I will pray for you too. I’m not afraid to show myself to the world and you shouldn’t be either ❤️”

Palmer is frequently outspoken about her experience with acne

Back in 2017, Palmer addressed people who give her skin-care tips on Twitter, writing: “It’s really so weird that ppl give me skin tips on my page lol. They seem so bothered by skin that isn’t their own.”

Years later in November, she shared her frustration in a series of tweets about how acne can be caused by countless factors, and joked that she might be acne-free by age 50.

“I hate how unexplained acne is & how it has about 15 million causes,” she wrote. “Everyone’s acne is aggravated by something different. You can have the best products, drink a gallon of water w/ ‘lemon’ but if you have PCOS that won’t help.”

More recently, however, Palmer expressed some relief in a September tweet about feeling confident in her skin.

“I know y’all about to die at this photo cause of these lashes and these Mickey ears,” she said. “BUT ITS THE SKIN FOR ME, y’all know what I’ve endured!! My skin used to have me curled up in the bed crying. Now I really truly understand it, I’m so thankful, no filta Poohs.”

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