ZANESVILLE – Kathy Normansell is, to say the least, active.

She loves hiking, camping and weightlifting. She’s also an avid outdoor cyclist – who teaches indoor spin classes at the Zanesville Y and the New Concord Indoor Cycling Co-op. And she’s heavily invested in the sport and lifestyle studies program at Ohio University Zanesville. 

“I practice what I preach, and I preach what I love!” she declared.

Interestingly, there was little hint of her current career while growing up in Princeton, Illinois – a small, rural town a couple hours west of Chicago.

“I had a great childhood.” she recalled. “I was totally uncoordinated as a kid. But while I was the last kid picked on teams, I still had fun.

“With both of my parents in education,” she added, “I always thought I would be a teacher. But I never would have imagined I would be teaching sport and recreation related classes.”

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