These guidelines address the provision or distribution of food at any University function, activity, or event. The committee recommends a review and update of these guidelines by October 15, 2020, in order to support planning for spring semester 2021. These guidelines are separate from protocols and practices employed by Xavier Dining and Catering provided on campus by Chartwells.

Given that eating together helps to create community on a college campus, the following guidelines are recommended in order to support the healthy delivery of food to the Xavier community during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines include student events and activities and academic and departmental functions.

General Guidelines

  • Events or activities where food is provided should use pre-packaged or individually boxed servings of food and canned or bottled beverages
  • Home baked or home cooked items are not permitted, even if individually wrapped
  • Bake sales and potluck style activities are not permitted
  • Self-serve buffets and/or beverage stations are not permitted
  • Catered meals may be provided by trained food service professionals that demonstrate compliance with recommended food safety protocols
    • Xavier recommends the use of Chartwells for catered meals
    • Use of other catering options should be limited to those vendors that demonstrate compliance with recommended food safety protocols
  • Individually boxed meals are recommended for meetings or activities
  • On rare occasions, food trucks may be considered with approval from Auxiliary Services. If approved,
    • The food truck may not directly compete with on-campus food vendor
    • The food truck must provide pre-paid food items (no on-site sales are permitted)
    • The food truck must provide individually packaged food and/or beverages
    • The food truck must follow state and local food service regulations and social distancing guidelines
  • Use of disposable food service items (utensils, plates, etc.) is recommended; individually wrapped utensils are strongly encouraged
  • Social distancing guidelines should be followed and signage should be posted to remind attendees of these guidelines
  • Participants must have access to hand washing/hand sanitizing
  • If food is being delivered to campus,
    • Touchless delivery methods should be used to minimize exposure
    • Caterers/deliverers should minimize entering buildings when possible
    • Food should be received in an outdoor space when possible
  • Student organizations:
    • Student groups should consult with the Office of Student Involvement before ordering food for an event, activity or meeting
    • Orders should only be placed with vendors who can meet expectations of pre-packaged or individually boxed servings or can demonstrate compliance with recommended food safety protocols for catering;
    • Ordering pizza for group meetings and activities does not comply with these food protocols; pizza is neither considered an individually boxed serving nor a catered meal
  • Classrooms:
    • Students and faculty should not consume food in class, unless a documented accommodation exists
    • Students and faculty may consume beverages in class, if otherwise permitted
  • Employee Offices / Suites:
  • Lounge Areas:
    • Individual food and beverage consumption may be permitted in student lounge areas.
  • Space Use:
    • When deciding on a location for any event with food, organizers should be aware of space recommendations based on room capacity following the CDC guidelines for six-feet social distancing.
    • Contact the booking agent or Physical Plant for recommendations on set-up and seating to provide a safe environment.
    • Table seating for food events is limited to 4-6 attendees per table, based on the table size.  Consult with the booking agent for specific details.
    • Event planners should anticipate the need for signage, barriers, etc. to allow for social distancing for lines.
    • Outdoor events are strongly encouraged and recommended. Event planners should monitor the weather and secure a covered location if inclement weather is expected.
  • Event organizers are responsible for following these guidelines and verifying vendor compliance with food safety guidelines

These guidelines do not apply to the following

Cintas concessions or events in the Cintas Center. The Cintas Center does not allow outside food or beverage. All food must be provided by Chartwells.

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