Duration: 02:40

Bonnie claims her mother pushed her into getting married at 15 to a man more than twice her age and that she was making adult films by the time she was 21. Bonnie’s aunt, Cyndi, and cousin, Stephanie, say that what they didn’t know – until years after the fact – was that Bonnie’s childhood was filled with abuse, sex trafficking, and drugs. Cyndi and Stephanie say that since Bonnie moved in with them, she has what they call “manic” episodes, even starting projects like a candy business she doesn’t see through. Bonnie says she has “a lot of great ideas,” but Stephanie says she believes the reason her cousin starts a lot of projects and isn’t able to finish them is “because she’s spinning and not able to take the next step forward.” Stephanie and Cyndi claim that Bonnie isn’t handling her traumatic past in a healthy way. Watch this episode, “Traumatic Past and Odd Behavior: Is My Cousin Having a Breakdown?” to hear what steps Dr. Phil recommends Bonnie take so that she can begin to heal. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. WATCH: The Bubble Over My Head: Setting Boundaries TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: A family/relationship divided?