October 15, 2021

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Why Dumbbells Are Better Than Barbells

Adjustable dumbbells are great for those who want fitness equipment that doesn’t take up an entire room. For example, a treadmill may be a great piece of equipment for getting your daily dose of cardiovascular exercise, but it can very quickly take up to half of the space in your room.

Exercise Routine

Although many people think that dumbbells are only suitable for those who want to bulk up and build muscles on their frame, dumbbells are incredibly useful in toning up the body without making the bulk. The key is to decrease the amount of weight on the dumbbell and increase repetitions as you use the dumbbells in your exercise routine.


Adjustable dumbbells are also the right choice of exercise equipment to make if you are short of money and don’t have much money to spend on gym equipment. For well under the costs of many all in one or full-body exercise contraptions, you can outfit yourself with not only a good quality adjustable dumbbell set, but you probably get an exercise bench as well. And, if you are open to the idea of quality gym equipment, you can often get fantastic deals from Fitness Expo Stores provides quality state of the art fitness machine.

If you have limited funds and are trying to decide whether to invest in a barbell or dumbbell set first, choose the dumbbell. They are much more flexible in the number of exercises that they can be used for. Also, just about any weight resistance exercise that can be done with a barbell can be duplicated using a set of dumbbells. Later, when you have the funds and if you still have the need, you can invest in a barbell set. However, most people will never feel the need to “upgrade” and be entirely happy with their dumbbell set.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise in this day and age, but you can, of course, purchase dumbbells and other exercise equipment over the Internet. And, surprisingly, you can often get better prices online, even when you factor in the costs of shipping those heavyweights. However, if you are leery of buying online, you can still use their prices to your advantage. Find the best price for the fitness equipment model that you are interested in. Print out the sales page, take it down to your local fitness equipment center, and use the online price as a bargaining chip to lower their cost.

Not every manufacturer provides a storage tray for your dumbbell weights, but for those that do, this is another point in their favor. If used, storage trays help keep your weight room or home gym organized and tidy and make it a more inviting place to exercise. If you focus on quality, a good set of adjustable dumbbells will last you a lifetime.