These days, we know that the gut is responsible for more than just a strong feeling. Research is showing us that a healthy gut may be the secret to a stronger immune system—not to mention better overall health. Nourishing it with friendly bacteria, a.k.a. probiotic supplements, is one of the ways to keep it happy. Lately, there’s been some buzz about a different type of ‘biotic:’ the postbiotic, which can also help keep things in balance. What’s the benefit of getting postbiotics in your daily supplement? We asked a top registered dietitian to break down the science-backed facts.*  

1. Postbiotics Are The End Goal Of Gut Health*

When you get probiotics through functional foods (think yogurt, kefir, tempeh) or supplements, you’re ingesting live bacteria and other microorganisms, which then help populate your gut (also called your gut microbiome) with good bugs. The idea is to balance out the good and bad bacteria, which may help with digestive health and immune function. But here’s what most people don’t know: After probiotics do their thing through a fermentation process, they produce postbiotics. “These are non-living beneficial compounds and metabolites; they’re the byproducts of the fermentation process that occurs with probiotics or other microorganisms,” says Keri Gans, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., a registered dietitian in New York City. Their job is to support your health. So, you definitely want postbiotics hanging around your gut.*

2. Supplements Are A Smart, Easy Way To Get Your Postbiotics*

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