June 21, 2024


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Wellness TikToker’s facial massage tutorial is easy to follow and doesn’t cost a cent

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Carly V. White is a wellness vlogger who posts simple tips and tricks on how to lead a healthier lifestyle without breaking the bank — from making less sugary peanut butter cup or where to shop for affordable home goods.

White’s most popular tutorial on TikTok, with 11.2 million views, takes little effort and costs no money to complete. It’s a facial massage that can help drain your lymph nodes and relieve puffiness, and it’s certainly worth treating yourself to.

In the video, White uses her fingers to rub her face and says this is as effective as using a jade roller.

White starts by pressing her thumbs in between her eyebrows then slowly moving outward toward her ears. Next, she places each index finger under the inner corner of her eyes and rubs outward and upward toward her temples. Then she takes her index fingers and places one at each corner of her lips. White tucks her thumb under her chin so that it’s almost like a gentle pinch. She massages outward and upward again.

Afterward, she runs her index fingers downward from beneath her earlobe toward her clavicles. Finally, White makes to fists and presses them onto the center of her decollete in an outward motion. 

Facialist Abigail James told Glamour that these massages are helpful because we’re constantly using and carrying stress in all 42 of our facial muscles, so following White’s tutorial can definitely help with lymphatic drainage.

“Boosting circulation, bringing fresh nutrients through blood flow to the skin, supporting healthy cell production, as well as taking a little moment for yourself, are all major benefits,” James told Glamour. 

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