Hold out a moment! We know that extra fat and cholesterol are hazardous to our health. You imply to notify me that also significantly protein is also dangerous to our well being?

Indeed, completely! That is specifically what I am saying. I know that this may possibly occur as a complete shock to you, but the truth of the matter is that several experts assume that too substantially protein, specifically animal protein, is hazardous to your health!

If a man or woman consumes around 15% protein in his diet regime (beef commonly has 26% protein – the rest is fats – and chicken has 61% protein – the rest is unwanted fat), then the overall body need to get rid of that protein.

In other terms, the overall body shops pretty little protein. Sure organs are dependable for having rid of the protein–particularly the kidneys and liver. The extra protein we try to eat, the harder the kidneys and liver have to get the job done to excrete the protein. The consequence of overuse of these organs is noticeable–premature put on and tear.

Most Us citizens try to eat an in excess of-abundance of animal protein from their meals each and every day, and then they load by themselves up even additional with protein powders and drinks and bars. We are protein insane in this state! And it is to our demise, not to our gain.

So together with the have on and tear of the kidneys and the liver which is undesirable plenty of, why else is excessive animal protein dangerous to your wellness?

Surplus protein can make the body much more acidic, and these acids accumulate in the joints leading to arthritis and gout.

Animal protein is hard to digest so it is difficult on the digestive technique triggering digestive issues.

Animal protein is strongly involved with coronary heart disease no, not just the extra fat and cholesterol, but also the animal protein itself.

Animal protein is involved with quite a few kinds of cancers, these as breast cancer, prostate most cancers, colon most cancers, and pancreatic cancer.

In a big review done in China by T. Colin Campbell, PhD., it was identified that the groups of folks who ate the most animal protein had, by significantly, the most coronary heart disease and certain cancers. And the sum of animal protein did not have to go up quite large in get for the ailment figures to go up also.

And because the animal protein would make the entire body more acidic, the overall body has to neutralize the acid. It does so by pulling calcium out of the bones, and then we pee out the calcium.

Why is this considerable?

It is thought that animal protein just comes about to be 1 of the big contributors to osteoporosis in this place. This excess protein leaches the calcium out of our bones.

So just one of the best matters you can do for by yourself is to minimize back, way again, on your intake of meat protein and protein artificially loaded into other food items and pseudo-meals. In point, your ideal guess for greatest well being and health is to wholly eradicate animal sources of protein.

Load up on plant meals and get away from animal goods–it just makes feeling!

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