October 25, 2021

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Valentine Preparations at Home To Charm Your Lover

Valentine Preparations at Home To Charm Your Lover

Valentine’s Day is one such special day where lovers get the opportunity to do something extraordinary than the rest of the day of their beloved one. Couples in love usually come with out of the box ideas just to beguiled their sweethearts. From the dates at exotic locations to fairy tale proposals; girls and boys really leave no stone unturned to make it the D-Day. 

However, there is always a couple who fancies intimate celebrations and cosy dates with their partner. If you are one of them, this read is worth your time. Here we have listed how you can turn your home into a love paradise and the preparations to do for V-Day. 

Thank us later! 

1. Location is Important: Never underestimate the power of the right location in making the celebration as memorable as it can be. The Valentine Day preparations will depend a lot on the venue. You could do the celebrations in a room, but don’t you think balcony, terrace, backyard or garden is way more romantic? Whatever is feasible to you, choose that. Terrace is the go-to option because of the ample space than the balcony. Once the location is selected, you can proceed with the other preparations. Make sure you get the terrace cleaned and sanitized well in advance. 

2. Elevate the Mood: Once the decor is done and a romantic mood for the Valentine day has been created, it’s important to elevate the vibe to the next level. To keep the boredom away and add elements of surprise every hour, you would need to think a lot. 

  • You can play some romantic tunes and dance with your partner. 
  • You can burst balloons with hidden messages. 
  • You can also get a smash and reveal heart for the day. 
  • Play some couple games, kinky games. 

Make it the most romantic yet fun-filled Valentine’s Day gift for him or her. 

3. Set the Mood: A perfect ambiance is always required to notch up the spark. Your love would know no boundaries when the environment is complimenting and supporting. If the terrace is your chosen location, then here is how you can set the mood. 

  • Line the balcony borders with potted plants. Areca palm, Rubber tree, Ferns, or any other of your choice. Select plants that are tall. 
  • Set up a projector that would display pictures of you and your lover on the wall. You can personalise it with messages and a surprise proposal at the end. 
  • Put some fairy lights, scatter the balloons or have a balloon bouquet in the corner
  • You can either set up a table or make it a floor arrangement with a mattress. 
  • Do not forget the scented candles and rose petals. 

If you are choosing the balcony as your venue, then you can hang plants from the railings. Cover the flooring with a carpet or artificial grass. On the plants, put up the fairy lights. In one corner, get installed a hanging chair where you both can get cosy. 

4. Appetizers and Main Course: No matter how lovely the evening is, food will always remain the focal point. You make love the best when you and your partner’s tummies are full and satisfied. Serve an assortment of delicious appetizers followed by the main course. You can prepare it at home or order it online, the choice is yours. Bruschetta, garlic bread, cheese puffs, crispy corn, chips to munch on, loaded fries are some of the options. Then, for the main course, have pasta, pizza, spaghetti, lasagna along with red wine. You can modify the menu as per your choice. 

5. End On The Sweet Note: You can’t forget the dessert for Valentine Day celebrations. Without the dessert, the ending would be incomplete and not-so romantic. Firsty, avail online cake delivery in Aurangabad of a heart-shaped cake in chocolate or red velvet flavour. If he or she likes some other flavour, go for that. In addition to the cake, serve miniatures like macarons, chocolate dipped strawberries, and assortment of chocolates. Love increases manifold when shared sweetly. 

In addition to this, you can surprise your lover with a Valentine gift. Let it be the surprise that leave her awestruck. Hope these ideas work wonders for you.