TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Before The Topeka City Council votes on a neighborhood revitalization plan for next year, they got a look at how healthy various areas of the city are.

The study considered five priorities for planning and investment decisions including; poverty, crimes, residential property values, home ownership, and unsafe structures

The Topeka neighborhood health map measures the progress Topeka neighborhoods have made over the last three years.

“The map shows where the most need is, if you get a low rating, a lower health then that would be an indication that we need to drive some resources, more investment and more incentives,” said Bill Fiander.

The map showed eleven block groups who have improved their rating and seven blocks who have dropped a rating since 2017.

“Overall we are getting better, there are some neighborhoods that have not been this highly rated in the 20 years since we have done these ratings, then we have others that are going down and coming up every few years so you know they’re ebb and flowing.”

East Topeka had the most improvement, showing its highest score in twenty years. “If you drive down east sixth avenue you’ll see the businesses that have invested themselves and are open now, its come back quite a bit.”

The map will be used to help the council make decisions in the 2022 neighborhood revitalization plan. “It creates a lot of discussion about what we should be doing better or different and that’s exactly what its intended to do is spur that conversation so we can get better.”

The council plans to begin presenting a plan to other tax entities in July and adopt a finalized plan in the fall.

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