October 19, 2021

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Fit And Go Forward

Tips for keeping your kids active this winter

Between the pandemic and the arrival of winter, many families will be spending more time indoors in the coming weeks; that can lead to less activity to keep your kids healthy and upbeat.

“There are many ways you can keep your kids engaged this holiday season through a mixture of physical and mentally stimulating activities,” said Norah Tucker, kids manager at Life Time.

Tucker says it’s important for parents and families to prioritize daily movement, whether it’s walking or some kind of virtual fitness.

You can also keep kids active at home by getting them involved in holiday traditions and activities, like cooking and decorating.

Tucker offered these suggestions for keeping kids active and healthy:

  • Carve out time for daily movement
  • Try virtual fitness classes together
  • Cook meals as a family – let your kids help
  • Try mentally stimulating activities (puzzles, books, crafts)

Some other activities for kids to try:

  • Writing letters
  • Help in the kitchen (stirring, rinsing fruits + vegetables, measuring ingredients
  • Virtual holiday meet ups with family members + friends
  • Virtual family yoga classes
  • Build something (Legos, puzzles, playdough)

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