DULUTH, MN– The free food giveaway at the DECC to help those in need, was a popular site indeed.

“It’s fresh, it’s healthy, and you can prepare things with it,” said resident, Archie Davis.

He told us heard about this drive-thu food giveaway on Facebook and had a feeling he should get there early.

“By the time we got here, there were hundreds of cars already,” added Davis.

The line was seen stretching the full length of Railroad Street as early as 8 a.m.

One organizer couldn’t believe her eyes at the turnout Thursday.

“We knew it was advertised really well and that there would be a good turnout, but I didn’t expect people to line up at 8 o’clock this morning for an 11:30 event,” said Beth McCuskey, President of the Duluth Central Labor Body.

She says the surprising turnout shows just how much of a need there still is amid the ongoing pandemic.

“I guess we don’t realize how much food insecurities there is and the stress it puts on families,” added McCuskey.

One Duluth man who has called the city home for the last 10 years came on his bicycle to get food for a family he lives near.

It’s an example of how the Duluth community came together. Davis added, “This is crazy but it’s good.”

Two semi-trucks full of boxes of fresh food and milk were given away Thursday.

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