October 19, 2021

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These Target Dumbbells Are So Cute; I Look Forward to My At-Home Workouts

These Target Dumbbells Are So Cute; I Look Forward to My At-Home Workouts

The stylish and comfy workout equipment motivates me to get sweaty.

Exercise has always been an important part of my life. Growing up, I was a competitive tennis player (thanks to my mom, who put a racket in my hand at age 3), and eventually, I took my love of athletics and turned it into a passion for fitness. I’ve done all types of workouts: weight lifting, yoga, cycling (my favorite), and just about every group class you can imagine. Of course, I love how working out helps me look, but I’m more into how good it makes me feel. But there are days, especially during the pandemic, when I struggle to find motivation. The tried and true way to get me sweating is cute workout clothes and equipment. (Seriously, it works every time.) A few weeks ago, I bought these Blogilates Dumbbells ($20, Target), and they have been an excellent, affordable boost to my workout.

Courtesy of Target

Buy It: Blogilates Dumbbell (from $15 each, Target)

My boyfriend’s mom first told me about these dumbbells. She raved about how comfortable they are, and I was interested because I don’t care for the calluses that come with typical dumbbells. The Blogilates Dumbells from Target features a soft foam grip that’s plush and doesn’t slough off my skin like the traditional metal version. It comes in three weights: 3 lbs. for $15, 5 lbs. for $20, and 8 lbs. for $30. (Note that each dumbbell is sold separately, so if you want a pair, you’ll need to purchase two.) The grips come in different colors depending on the weight, and they all feature gold-toned metal on the ends. They’re great for virtual workout classes with lower weights and higher reps. I use them for the arms section on my SoulCycle bike.

Fitness guru Cassey Ho designed the stylish and comfy equipment. The pilates instructor, who’s known for promoting a healthy lifestyle, sells more of her products on Target, including grip socks ($10, Target) and yoga mats ($35, Target). If you need the inspiration to start working out, these cute dumbbells are an excellent way to find it. Plus, it’s always a great idea to do something that benefits your health.

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