As Screen Rant recently recounted, the company’s primary stock owner is in fact everyone’s favorite adult magazine connoisseur, that washbucket-loving sometimes-zombie Scruffy the Janitor!

In “Future Stock” (which first aired on Fox March 31st, 2002), it’s revealed that the often-silent Scruffy owns 40,000 shares of the company when he votes to place Fry’s mysterious new friend, Steve Castle, in control of Planet Express during a shareholder’s meeting. His fellow employees are shocked that he owns twice as much stock as they do, and when he’s questioned as to why, Scruffy removes his signature cap, wipes away a tear and memorably says, “Scruffy believes in this company.”

You may wonder why a guy with that much money sunk into what appears to be a pretty healthy company spends his days mopping floors. The sad fact is that Scruffy’s not a wealthy guy — by the end of “Future Stock,” Planet Express’ holdings are left virtually worthless after a failed buyout by Momcorps’ ruthless chief shareholder, Mom. So his still living in a janitorial closet at the PE building along with his forbidden love Washbucket still makes sense. Well, as much sense as his previous career, acting as a roadie for the Beastie Boys.

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