MANAHAWKIN, NJ — The Stafford Township School District’s reopening plan allows parents to choose between in-person schooling five days a week, hybrid learning or remote education for their children. The plan addresses several challenges, such as face coverings, social distancing and transportation.

The district will present the “Restart and Recovery” plan to parents via live stream at 6 p.m. Tuesday via

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“Our top priority is to provide our students and staff with a healthy, safe, secure, and nurturing environment that supports our student’s social and emotional wellbeing,” said Superintendent George J. Chidiac.

Here are some important points in the district’s reopening plan:

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  • The district will allow families to decide between in-person, hybrid and remote learning. The in-person model places students in school five days per week. The hybrid plan combines in-person and remote school days. Remote learning includes Google Platform for live instruction, video instruction and online skills.

  • Parent decisions on learning and transportation are due Aug. 4.

  • Homeroom classes will get divided into two groups: Cohorts A and B. Cohort A would learn in the classroom on Day 1 and spend Day 2 learning in a common area, such as the gym or cafeteria — vice versa for Cohort B.

  • Common-area settings will have a 25 to 1 student-to-staff ratio. Teachers will be encouraged to take students outside, when whether permits, with their group of 25 or fewer. Common areas will have no more than 50 students.

  • Each child’s homeroom teacher will provide daily instruction. Grades 5 and 6 will continue with team teacher. Students will remain in classrooms, while teachers switch.

  • Officials changed the school hours to assist with social distancing. See below:

(Stafford Township School District)
(Stafford Township School District)
  • Special education will consist of students remaining with their classroom teacher all day five days per week. Pull-out replacement (POR) and in-class support (ICS) teachers will push in and push out to cohort classrooms for daily services.

  • Students must wear face coverings at the bus stop, on the bus, during arrival and dismissal, in the hallways and bathrooms, and while moving in the classroom or common areas.

  • The district won’t require face coverings once students are seated in the classrooms and common areas, where social distancing is established. They also won’t be required outdoors when social distancing is possible, along with during breakfast or lunch.

  • Disposable masks are available for students who forget them. The district can also provide Stafford-logo neck buffs, along with face shields for “medically fragile” students. The district will provide face shields, clear masks neck buffs, goggles and medical gowns for staff. Transportation and maintenance staff will have goggles and gloves.

(Stafford Township School District)
(Stafford Township School District)
  • Parents and staff must complete an annual screening waiver before the school year. Student and staff screening must occur daily before arriving to school on the parent portal or Genesis.

  • Students won’t be required to wear a face masks when staff are within 6 feet of them, but it’s encouraged.

  • Extended-day programs will take place as long as schools are open. They will have a 10 to 1 student-to-staff ratio.

  • If a student or staff member tests positive for the coronavirus, the district will contact the executive county superintendent and Ocean County Health Department and follow their direction. All staff and parents will be notified while maintaining confidentiality.

  • The district will provide the OCHD with information necessary for contact tracing.

  • If a child has siblings and other buildings, their hybrid-learning schedules will coordinate.

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