August 17, 2022

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Some Healthy Foods That Are Actually Junk

We are often misled by the general notion of healthy foods. Actually, most foods that we eat, thinking they are healthy, turn out to be unhealthy and they turn out to be the real reason behind the chronic health conditions and unnecessary gain in weight.

That is why we are here to disclose how healthy the foods we eat are. Therefore, take a look at these drawbacks of eating the following foods. Here’s more.

Low-Fat Foods

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When you see the words ‘Low fat’ and ‘fat-free’ we think that since the food is fat-free, it must be healthy for us. But that’s not true. The food tastes very bad when fats are eliminated from it and so, to compensate for the taste the food manufacturers add more sugars to those foods. The sugars make food taste better but they are extremely harmful. In fact, saturated fats are not as harmful as added sugars.

Fruit Juices

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While the fruit juices are famed to be extremely healthy for us, here’s something that might come as a shock to you. Fruit juices don’t actually contain real fruits, they just contain chemicals that taste like fruits. And what you get in the packaged fruit juices available at the grocery stores is fruit-flavored sweetened water. Not only that, even of the juices are 100% real and obtained out of fresh fruits, they are devoid of the many crucial nutrients that we get through the fruits, like fiber, etc. As a matter of fact, fruit juices contain as much sugar as found in sweetened beverages.

Sports Drinks

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Sports drinks are hyped just as a result of marketing campaigns and are mostly focused on hard core athletes.  The sports drinks are made up of electrolytes and added sugars and salts. Studies have found that sports drinks are not required by normal people and the amount of salt and sugar that people usually consume is enough for them. And that, sports drinks are not slightly less sugary than sweetened soft drinks that is why they definitely must not be considered healthy.

Low Carb Foods

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Low carb foods have long been linked to weight loss and healthy diets. But the truth behind these processed foods is something else. Actually these low-carb foods do not contain any real ‘food’ what they have is just chemicals and super refined ingredients. This means that these foods don’t really help you nourish your body but they turn out to be unhealthy and harmful for you as regular consumption of such foods(how to keep your foods fresh in winters) could prove to be extremely harmful and can lower your metabolic adaptations of the body.

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Brown Rice Syrup

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The brown rice syrup is considered to be healthy by many, it is a sweetener that is also known as the rice malt syrup. The problem with this syrup is that it has an absence of fructose and full of glucose, so much so that it has a glycemic index of 98.  The absence of fructose is great but the high glucose with such a glycemic index would mean that this syrup could shoot the blood sugar levels very high, very quickly.  Plus, there are no important nutrients present in this syrup which could actually help in the development process.  So, be woke and know what you’re eating because whatever you eat, reflects on your health.

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