October 25, 2021

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Some Easy Tips for Mompreneurs

Being a mother is tough. No matter how sorted your support system is, the responsibility of being a child’s primary care-giver falls on the mother due to certain physical reasons. And, between all this, if you dare to follow your dreams and passion, there are many sexiest societal norms that are harsh enough to target your motivation.

However, over the years, many success stories of mompreneurs have come to light, giving everyone that much-needed hope and inspiration. Juggling between mommy duties and being an entrepreneur is probably one of the hardest combinations to ace but then it isn’t impossible!

Managing work life balance: Mompreneurs take charge!
Managing work life balance: Mompreneurs take charge!

So, what do you do? We have curated these awesome tips to help you have that thriving business you’ve always dreamt of, without compromising on your mommy duties.

Health is wealth

Your health should always be your priority. Many women entrepreneurs end up ignoring their health in the bargain to do more and be better. Truth be told, your body needs to rest from time to time and ignoring your health will only make you lag. Also, let’s not forget that only when the mother is healthy, will the child be healthy. Chinu Kala, Founder of Ruban Accessories and a successful entrepreneur, very aptly puts her thoughts into words when she says, “While a baby is the biggest priority, make sure you don’t forget to take care of your own well-being, because a happy mother takes better care of her baby.”

Take those vitamins, go for that walk, eat that salad and sleep when you feel tired.

Don’t overtax yourself.

Planning makes you perfect

Time management is pivotal to striking the right balance between your business and your baby. Plan your week ahead. Keep a tab of everything in your planner, from waking up in the morning, to putting your head back on the pillow, account for everything and anything. Look out for opportunities where you can save time and use that time effectively. When you’re running a business, every little second counts. And being a mom is again a full-time job, so you need time on your hands to work things out effectively and efficiently.

Start patting yourself on the back more often

The world is getting competitive by the day and it is not easy to carve a name for yourself and build a successful business. It’s a hustle. Being a mother is even more difficult because here you have the responsibility of a tiny human who is completely dependent on you. Therefore, one can only imagine the kind of pressure mompreneurs go through.

Break the flow once a while to take credit for the kind of effort you put in your daily routine. It is important that you stay motivated and happy because only then can you be productive and churn out the best in you.

It’s okay to unplug or to ask for help

Taking a break is not an option, it’s a necessity. Let’s face it, at least once a day you will feel a bit overwhelmed with all the responsibilities weighing you down. That’s your signal to shut down and take a step back. Sometimes this step back goes a long way in pushing you further. You need to relax, close your eyes, move around a bit, listen to your favourite podcast and simply drown yourself in a hot bath.

Take help from those around you. Let them share the burden. If you’re a single mother, tuck your little one in and take some time off the clock for yourself. You will be amazed at how much some ’me’ time can help you shed the weight off your shoulder.

Have some faith

Have a little faith in your capabilities. Women are built to do amazing things and don’t let small hiccups deter you from your path. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and if you have the strength to bring a life into this world, you definitely have the strength to build your own path. Drive your vision in the right direction, trust your instincts and build a support system you can fall back on.

Jiggling between two worlds is not a bed of roses but we have women from different walks of lives, building successful businesses and living their lives on their own terms. Navdeep Kaur, Founder of Aagghhoo, a well-known kids apparel brand, speaks for all the mompreneurs out there when she says, “Being a work-from-home mom, I found my order in chaos, inspiration, and peace by being at home.”

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(Edited by Varnika Gupta)

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