MIAMI, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Santo Remedio LLC, a leading omni-channel provider of health and wellness products to the Hispanic community has announced the launch of its newest business, Santo Remedio’s Entalla (“Entalla”), a proprietary weight loss system designed to empower consumers to manage their weight and lead their best, healthiest lives. The Entalla system, curated by Johns Hopkins educated Dr. Juan Rivera, Chairman and Co-Founder of Santo Remedio, will offer consumers a combination of proprietary weight loss products, personalized eating plans, and nutritionist-curated recipes to create a comprehensive journey for customers who want to lead healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Dr. Rivera, a prominent preventative cardiologist in Miami and the Chief Medical Correspondent for Univision, stated, “The creation of Entalla exemplifies the core mission of Santo Remedio: to enhance the wellbeing of the Hispanic community. As an internist and cardiologist, I understand how the high prevalence of obesity in our community can lead to chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Entalla is a comprehensive nutritional system that can help our customers not only lose weight but also improve their overall clinical outlook.”

In addition, Santo Remedio has hired Sunder Reddy as its first ever President and CFO to help facilitate the company’s next phase of growth. Prior to Santo Remedio, Sunder was the CFO and Interim CEO of SoulCycle Inc, a leader in the branded consumer fitness sector. Previously, he spent a long career as a senior investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

Dr. Rivera stated, “we are thrilled to have Sunder on board to help lead our business through the next phase of growth. As we launch our newest business today and continue to grow our core Santo Remedio business, we are excited to continue to attract great talent who will help us deliver an unmatched customer experience to our community.”

About Santo Remedio LLC

Founded in 2020, Santo Remedio is one of the fastest growing companies in the branded consumer health and wellness space, primarily focused on nutritional supplements for Hispanic customers in the US. Santo Remedio’s mission is to enhance the wellbeing of the Hispanic community, which represents the fastest growing ethnic demographic in the US. Santo Remedio sells its products through a fast growing direct to consumer e-commerce platform as well as a retail partnership with Walmart Inc. Santo Remedio products combine traditional ingredients with the latest nutritional science. Instead of trying to change what has worked for thousands of years, Santo Remedio concentrates effective natural ingredients into incredible products. Based on a belief in whole body health, Santo Remedio’s programs and supplements focus on promoting prevention and creating healthy habits. Change is always possible with the right support.

About Santo Remedio’s Entalla

Launched in 2021, Santo Remedio’s Entalla is a comprehensive weight loss system developed and curated to provide Hispanics a programmatic approach to weight loss and a healthier overall lifestyle. Curated by Dr. Juan Rivera, a cardiologist in Miami, Entalla is designed to combine proprietary weight loss products, personalized diet plans and nutritionist-curated recipes to enable Hispanics to manage their weight and improve overall health. Initially launched with a line of seven eating plans in three phases, Entalla also offers comprehensive community support curated by Dr. Juan and leading Nutritionists. On the product side, Entalla launches with five innovative new products, including a “Super Slim Cafe” with superfoods + fiber to aid in fat conversion and a popular “Skinny Yummy Gummy” with prebiotic fiber, designed to help promote a feeling of fullness when used with an Entalla eating plan. With a combination of plan, product, and community, Entalla strives to be the most successful Hispanic weight loss initiative in history.

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