WATCH: Full interview with Travis McKenzie, food justice organizer and teacher

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Project Feed the Hood is a food literacy and food justice initiative by the SouthWest Organizing Project that aims to improve community health through education and the revival of traditional growing methods. Food justice organizer and teacher Travis McKenzie discusses this initiative and how it’s supporting local farmers and food systems.

Project Feed the Hood strives to engage individuals in an alternative food system that is immersed in tradition and sustainable agriculture and also empowers them to improve their community health. According to SWOP’s website, Project Feed the Hood has spent the last eight years organizing food deserts in Albuquerque, across the U.S., and with international allies.

The initiative works with individuals, families, schools, community organizations, and government entities. SWOP and Project Feed the Hood works under the mission that everyone deserves access to healthy, local, and affordable food.

They explain that across the world, exploitive food systems undermine community health, democracy, and human rights. SWOP reports low-income communities of color face daily obstacles to nutritional, local, and affordable food choices.

SWOP says that food justice comes in the form of community gardens, school gardens, home gardens, and food sovereignty. For more information on Project Feed the Hood, visit, as well as the Project Feed the Hood Facebook page and Instagram account.

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