Jul. 30—RUTLAND — Residents in Rutland may be able to enjoy a community garden starting next year as plans for its development and construction are underway.

According to a news release from Rutland Mayor Tyler Eblin, the village of Rutland is partnering with the Meigs County Health Department through the Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) Program to fulfill a grant for a community garden to serve the Rutland area.

Mayor Eblin and Meigs County Health Department CHC Director Michael Davis have been discussing the project at Village Hall after the garden’s construction on a Village owned parcel was approved by the Rutland Village Council during its July 5 regular meeting.

“It has been a pleasure to discuss this exciting project with Mr. Davis and the Health Department,” commented Mayor Eblin. “The residents of Rutland enjoy something to be proud of; and a community garden is another step in a positive direction for our Village.”

The site, composition and ongoing management of the garden is currently being evaluated. Once built, Mayor Eblin hopes to create a community garden committee consisting of members dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of the garden.

“The success of the community garden, of course, is dependent upon community members pitching in and contributing to its ongoing upkeep,” commented Mayor Eblin. “I’m strongly encouraging those interested in being involved in a community garden committee to step forward.”

The proposed community garden would consist of a landscaping timber parameter filled with limestone, a number of raised garden beds, a water tank and open storage. Mayor Eblin explains that, depending on the number, garden beds could be reserved for individual families and or organizations for a fee, which would be deposited into a public fund and utilized for ongoing maintenance expenses. Otherwise, garden beds would be for collective community use.

The final configuration of the proposed community garden will be approved by November of this year.

Information provided by Rutland Mayor Tyler Eblin.

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