The devastating consequences of the pandemic have led the world to a new form of lifestyle. We are now managing everything from the comfort of our homes, or at least we believe so. From sports to education, everything has shrunk inside our four walls. While some people have accepted this harsh reality as part of life, the restricted style of living has affected the mental well-being of many, especially children and youth. The condition is worse for underprivileged people in urban communities who lack the basic infrastructure of health and education. The renowned Philadelphia-based designer Jay Richardson, founder of Ammo Stilo, has come forward with his Fundraiser initiative GOAL to offer these communities a healthy lifestyle.

Ammo Stilo is a creative designer brand that offers apparel, accessories, furniture, and technology. Through this brand, Jay has been working to help people live better and to pursue their passion. GOAL is the new charity initiative of the brand that stands for Growing Over Adverse Lessons. The initiative is to support urban communities across the world to live out loud. GOAL will work to promote better facilities for education, community buildings, and healthy lifestyle to children and youth.

The charity fundraiser will volunteer various projects to provide outlets for education, sports, and overall healthy lifestyle to underprivileged communities. Currently, GOAL is open to accept donations from people across the world. Jay’s charity has already started its reward scheme on press circulation, a banner, and the company logo as a means to raise funds. Interested people can visit the official website of Ammo Stilo or Go Fund Me to donate for upcoming projects of GOAL.

The idea behind creating GOAL was sparked when Jay Richardson saw the horrifying statistics of obesity and homicide in Philadelphia. As per a report released by the CDC, obesity in Philadelphia has affected 41% of the population, mostly children and youth aged between 6 to 17 years. This shows the sorry state of the infrastructure in the urban communities that lack basic facilities of sports or even a healthy lifestyle. We all know that obesity is often considered a silent pandemic. The impact it can have on a society with 41% of the population suffering obesity is horrifying. The only means to control the situation is to create better lifestyle facilities for the youth of the region.

Another terrible statistic of Philadelphia shows a 40% rise in the rate of homicides in comparison to 2019. This is as disheartening as it is frightening. Jay believes the situation can improve only if youth are educated well so that they can focus more on constructive thinking. With more educational institutions and outlets for community building, the psychological health of the population can improve.

GOAL aims to work on different community-building projects to decrease these statistics. The aim is for success in their initiative to provide a healthy lifestyle to urban communities. The first project Jay has created for GOAL is to renovate a new basketball court in Philadelphia. This will scale up the sports facility of the area to a whole new level. The targeted fund for this project is $15,000. Jay Richardson is making every attempt to raise funds for this brilliant initiative.

The opportunity to help others or do something to bring a positive change to someone’s life is a blessing. GOAL has brought this opportunity to people all over the world. Jay wholeheartedly embraces the truth that through collective effort, we can transform our society.

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