January 23, 2022

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Pharmacies That Offer Training Programs for Pharmacy Technicians

If you go the conventional route, your path to becoming a pharmacy technician starts by going through a training program from an accredited school or perhaps an online pharmacy technician school and after completing all training requirements you’ll then look for a job. What if I told you that you can work immediately after training without the need to send out your resume to online pharmacy no prescription different pharmacies then sit around hoping you will get a job.

More and more pharmacies now have started offering training programs for perspective pharmacy techs looking to get employed after completing their training program. Take note that employment isn’t automatic by any means but because you have trained and know the people in that organization, the chances of you being hired is high when you do well in training. Plus if you get employed in one these large pharmacies, benefits particularly in healthcare will better compared to smaller mom and pop type pharmacies that will offer you a lower wage not to mention have less benefits. With no prescription pharmacy the economy still recovering, there will be more stability and peace of mind that the pharmacy you are working for will not just shut d own anytime. All the pharmacies listed here belong to the top 25 pharmacy chains in the United States based on the number of retail outlets across the country.

Walgreens offers a number of training programs for perspective pharmacy technicians; their training program is accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) meaning the training you will get here is comparable to training you will get in the best pharmacy schools in America. Not only classroom training, you’ll also get hands-on training using state of the art equipment. At the end of this program you will get national certification and have a number of options in career advancement by being a community pharmacy technician or a central pharmacy operations technician in Walgreens. They also offer an externship program.

Rite Aid
Like Walgreens, Rite Aid offers an ASHP accredited technician training program to individuals interested in working with them. Applicants have to be at least 18 years of age to qualify. Training is free of charge to associates of Rite Aid, meaning you have to be an employee to get this training for free. Again, like Walgreens, Rite Aid offers a competitive benefits package that includes health and dental care, 401K, discounts in Rite Aid stores, student loan and loan consolidation program plus much more.

Safeway / Dominick’s Pharmacy
The do not offer training programs for pharmacy technicians, but they do offer internship and residency programs for Doctor of Pharmacy graduates. Their programs are accredited by the ASHP and APhA, individuals who are accepted in their training programs will receive full benefits 30 days after employment.