Q My husband is somewhat of a dictator. His type of personality is “it’s my way or the highway” with just about everything. He’s always cutting off our three children when they talk and also myself. I can see the kids beginning to pick up this ridiculous kind of behavior with their friends and also with one another. What are some ideas to suggest to him to try to change and to let him know how it affects our family?

From a reader • My brother and I didn’t hit people but were verbal bullies to each other, strangers and friends. A new kid at our school asked us why we barked orders at everyone. I guess we weren’t even aware of this since we had grown up with it. That incident was a wakeup call for both of us and we worked hard on changing. It was very difficult but we got much better. Tell your husband he is making your children into potential bullies and to stop. If he doesn’t, you will both regret it. — Lucy G. in New York City

From Jodie Lynn • Frequently, this dictator type of parenting will transpire when adults have an overscheduled, stressful lifestyle. We don’t include the children in choices of things that they should have a voice in. Of course, as the reader above shared, it can lead to becoming a type of bully that no one wants to be around.

Kids need to be able to have a platform to ask questions about whatever and have them answered so that they can at least voice their own opinions. It’s our place as parents to listen to what they have to say and if needed, change our ideas or perhaps meet them halfway on some things.

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