January 25, 2022

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Mum gives birth to healthy baby but dies of Covid-19 before she can hold him

A 33-year-old mother tragically never got to hold her newborn baby as she died of coronavirus shortly after the birth.

Erika Becerra from Detroit was diagnosed with Covid-19 last month when she was eight months pregnant and ended up in hospital.

She had reportedly told her mum: “Mom, I don’t feel good. I don’t feel like myself. It’s hard to breathe.”

Erika gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Diego Antonio Becerra, on November 15.

But her brother said she never got to bond with him before her condition deteriorated.

Michael Avilez told WBTV: “She had a normal labor. She gave birth to her son but didn’t get to hold him because right after she gave birth, that’s when they put the tube in.

Erika Becerra from Detroit was diagnosed with Covid-19 last month

She was described as “very caring”

“Then, from there, she just started declining.”

Through the tears, Michael described how the family sat with her and prayed in her final devastating moments.

He said all his sister wanted was the best for everybody, and she did not deserve what she went through.

Erika gave birth to a healthy baby boy

Erika is survived by one year old girl and her newborn boy

A gofundme set up to help the family with funeral costs says: “On December 3rd, 2020, we lost a very special person to the novel coronavirus that took the world by storm this year. 

“Erika Becerra, 33, is survived by a beautiful one year baby girl, and a newborn baby boy who was whisked away due to the onset of complications from the virus shortly after giving birth.  

“Erika was a very caring individual.  Never biased, never critical, always accepting and joyful.”

Michael said his sister did not have any underlying health conditions.

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