January 25, 2022

Acqua NYC

Fit And Go Forward

Making a difference in the world

Making a difference in the world is the heartfelt passion of many. However, we all make a difference, not just out in the world, but in our own lives with every thought, word, and move we make — for good or ill. Every moment we have the choice to live in love or fear, to share or keep to ourselves, to eat well or poorly, to exercise or not.

Angela Stoltzenburg of Lincoln is making a difference through her passion for community health. As director of Community Health Collaborative (CHC) for the ALMH (Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital) Foundation, Angela is essentially encouraging people to make healthy choices.

The foundation exists to preserve the mission of the hospital — to improve the health of the people and communities it serves. “It’s about creating a culture of health in Logan County,” said Angela. They offer a variety of programs such as CATCH, which goes into schools promoting healthy food, activity and social behavior. They sponsor and coordinate the Farmers Market, offer educational opportunities and provide support groups. 

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