October 21, 2021

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Fit And Go Forward

Make Healthy Options: A Breath of Fresh Air for 2021 | East County

When it comes to the new year, is there a better feeling than embracing a fresh start? For most, it’s an opportunity to set goals and healthy habits, such as improving mental clarity or personal fitness–but with the toll of this past year, building healthy habits focused on sanitation and cleanliness are at the forefront, especially with the impacts of COVID-19 still looming. Thankfully, whole-home purifiers can help make this “change of air” in the new year easier to accomplish than thought.

Clear The Air For Your Health 

Cleanliness starts in the house and Badger Bob’s has you covered with the REME HALO, an authentic “whole-home” purifier system designed to clean the air and kill bacteria and viruses.

The REME HALO® system accomplished this through the use of the bi-polar ionization process. The technology takes oxygen molecules from the air and converts them into charged atoms that then cluster around microparticles, surrounding and deactivating harmful substances like airborne bacteria, allergens and – yes – even viruses. They also attach to expelled breath droplets and dust particles that can transport viruses, enlarging them so they’re more easily caught in filters. It’s an active process that provides continuous disinfection.

And better yet, there has been ample evidence shown by third parties highlighting the effectiveness of “whole-home” purifiers against COVID-19.

  • Johns Hopkins recommends that, “Although COVID-19 is more commonly spread during close contact, changes in your home ventilation and filtration can reduce the risk of exposure to the contagious virus.”
  • “The ions produce a chemical reaction on the cell membrane surface that inactivates the virus,” Philip Tierno, a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at the NYU School of Medicine, recently told Business Insider. “It can reduce 99.9% of microbes in a matter of minutes.”

It’s A Breeze To Get Started

Make home a safe place to accomplish all of your healthy habits this year. Clean air is vital and there are systems that can help reduce airborne contaminants, trap bacteria and viruses, and keep home environments clean. While supplies last, Badger Bob’s is running a special to save BIG on a Reme HALO-LEDTM Whole-Home Air Purification System.

For a limited time, you can receive a free REME HALO with the purchase and installation of a 16-seer and above A/C unit. This system regularly runs around $1,300 with installation.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment for a purification system, simply call 941.225.2775 or visit badgerbobs.com.

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