November 28, 2021

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Health director Alina Alonso grateful for the ‘selfless’ gift of life she was given

As the public health expert who is guiding Palm Beach County’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Alina Alonso isn’t prone to wax poetic.

But when asked what she is most thankful for in this tumultuous year, the county health director dispensed with the just-the-facts-ma’am approach that has typified her response to the health crisis.

Instead of recounting facts, figures and fatality rates, Alonso offered a rare peek at the woman behind the near-ever present mask by sharing her own well-guarded and potentially deadly health problems.

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“I am thankful for a friend who donated the gift of life by donating her kidney to me,” the 64-year-old physician said of the blessings she counts daily.

“I give thanks every night for that selfless gift,” she said.

The gift was given to Alonso three years ago by a woman she knew casually as the sister of one of her close friends.

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