January 26, 2022

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Fit And Go Forward

Health, comfort & sustainability will influence flavors in 2021, predicts Symrise

But after 10 months of indulging in classics for comfort and researching ingredients to enhance health and well-being, most consumers will not settle for the same-old, same-old in 2021.

Rather, Symrise marketing and consumer insight specialist Dylan Thomas explains in this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup-To-Nuts podcast that shoppers will seek products that take each of these trends to the next level with new functional ingredients, elevated flavor combinations that put a new spin on the familiar and ingredients that allow them to explore the world from the safety of their homes. He also notes that consumer concerns about sustainability are quickly rising beyond the status of nice-to-have to become a must-have consideration for new product development.

Healthy lifestyle trend leads the pack

Of these three trends, Thomas predicts the most prominent in 2021 likely will be the same one that dominated 2020, which is a desire for flavors, ingredients and products that support a healthy lifestyle. In particular, he says consumers will look for age-old immunity boosting ingredients, foods and ingredients that blur lines with medicine, and products to boost energy or for foster relaxation.

“More and more people are worried about the pandemic and the uncertainty it brings,”​ and consumers “are looking for any sort of edge as far as food that can help them with immunity to help fight off illness,”​ Thomas said.

Digging deeper, Thomas said that Symrise identified at least three ways that this trend will continue to play out in 2021. The first is “back to the future,”​ which he says includes adopting “old time elements and techniques and things to help with their health,”​ such as therapeutic spices, adaptogens, and fermentation to support gut health.

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