October 16, 2021

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Haley & Jacob, MAFS Season 12: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Get to know some fun facts about “Married at First Sight” Season 12 stars Haley and Jacob.

Married at First Sight Season 12 has just begun, giving viewers the opportunity to get to know five new couples. During an exclusive interview with Heavy, Haley and Jacob opened up so fans could get to know a little bit more about them. The duo has the biggest age gap this season, with Haley being 10 years Jacob’s junior.

Haley, 28, owns her own home, has a dog that she loves and a great group of friends, but she was just missing that special someone to share her life with. She’s admitted to having some trust issues but is ready to receive help from the experts as they guide her on her marriage journey.

In the next five years, she sees herself owning her own company and being in a “happy and healthy” relationship. Haley defines a successful relationship as one that is built on trust. “Love is having complete acceptance,” she told Heavy. “It is the ability to trust and openly communicate in the relationship without being judged or rejected.”

Jacob, 38, has tired of the dating scene and is ready to settle down. He wants to have children and believes he might be more successful with an arranged marriage than a love marriage he chose for himself.

Continue reading to discover five fast facts about Haley and Jacob:

1. Jacob Is Still Friends With Most of His Exes

When Jacob gets out of a relationship, he doesn’t like to hold on to any resentment. If possible, he wants to make amends and move forward. It isn’t this way for all his past relationships, however. Jacob noted there are two exes that he does not keep in contact with.

“I’m friends with 99% of my ex’s,” he told Heavy. “There are only two exes I do not have a good relationship with due to their toxic and bitter nature but if given the opportunity naturally I’d try and bury the hatchet.”

An amicable ex could help give good advice.

“I think if both parties are honest with each other and split for the right reasons (the spark or love is gone or you just grew apart) then you can always root for each other in the future and maybe even ask for honest feedback in current situations,” he said. “I have done that once or twice, but never with an ex, I was with previously… that gets into dicey territory!”

2. Haley Went Backpacking Around Europe

One of Haley’s favorite memories is getting to travel around Europe with her friends. After she graduated from the University of Alabama in 2014 with a degree in Hospitality and Events Management, she and her two best friends took a “life-changing” trip.

“[It] completely changed my views on travel and experiencing new cultures,” she said. “It sparked my goal of traveling to at least one new country each year!”

3. Jacob Thinks About Life In a Quirky Way

Jacob doesn’t do things in life because that’s what everyone else is doing. He likes to make his own rules.

“I tend to run against the grain, question everything, and find my own solutions and enjoyment in every situation,” he told Heavy. “Why live your life by others’ standards?”

He’s happy that social media wasn’t popular when he was growing up. “A terrible consequence of it has unfortunately been a sort of ‘Public Consciousness’ that most young people today feel they need to abide by,” he said. “And they’re now using very authoritarian measures to essentially control our behaviors. Very Dangerous and no fun.”

4. Haley Loves The Food Scene In Atlanta

When asked to pick some of her favorite eateries in Atlanta, Haley said it would be a difficult choice. In fact, trying out new places to eat is one of her favorite things to do in Atlanta, as well as “bar hopping around the beltline with friends!”

“I love trying all kinds of food but Iberian Pig and Umi are at the top of my list,” she continued. “Buford Highway is also a staple in Atlanta that I visit regularly, especially Nam Phoung. It has the best, most authentic Asian food!”

Although the pandemic has put a damper on the way most people get to explore the nightlife in their cities, Haley said she has enjoyed going on hikes and long walks with her dog during quarantine. She loves to listen to true crime podcasts, with “Crime Junkie” and “My Favorite Murder” being two of her favorites.

5. Jacob Doesn’t Consider Himself To Be a ‘Traditional’ Romantic Person

When it comes to romance, Jacob has his own way of showing his affection for his partner.

“I’m very romantic with a partner mentally and let them know they’re special to me verbally every day once we have a connection. I’ll then also let them know through various smaller actions,” he told Heavy. “I’m not at all a ‘traditional’ romantic as far as buying flowers and showering women with gifts. While I definitely buy my partners gifts when appropriate it doesn’t come naturally to me to use material goods to show affection.”

“Honestly, I flat out feel weird about love and materialism, almost like it cheapens the connection,” he continued. “I’d more likely find a nice waterfall or romantic niche activity to take my partner and share the moment/environment with them. To me that’s what we’ll remember years down the road. Not a purse that costs more than a used car.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Season 12 of Married at First Sight when it airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Lifetime.

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