January 26, 2022

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Fit And Go Forward

Giants plan on sticking with Daniel Jones, even if the quarterback is limited again

Joe Judge is doubling down on debilitated Daniel Jones.

A day after a hamstring-hampered quarterback struggled to move around the field in the Giants’ 26-7 loss to the Cardinals — taking six sacks and failing to record a rushing attempt for the first game in his career, then getting yanked for the final drive after he seemed to suffer a separate injury to his other leg on one of those hits late in the game — Judge said everything pretty much went as planned regarding the decision to start him.

“The way he moved in the game is what we expected,” Judge said. “What we expected to see we pretty much saw.”

What’s more, the plan won’t change for the next game on Sunday against the Browns . . . even if Jones’ physical limitations remain unimproved.

“If Daniel is healthy to play and he looks the way he did in practice last week, I’d have no hesitation playing Daniel at all,” Judge said on Monday. “All options are always on the table in terms of what we are going to do about our game plan, but to answer the question directly and simply, yeah, if Daniel is healthy enough to go out there and we think he’s not at [risk] to be hurt, then we’ll play him.”

Judge maintained that Jones did not suffer the late injury because of a lack of mobility that left him tethered to the pocket like the goat that was fed to the T-Rex in “Jurassic Park.”

“We put him through enough in practice last week to make sure he was put in a position where he could protect himself,” Judge said. He chalked up whatever bothered Jones enough to cause him to hop around on his right leg — the one with the strained hamstring — to “bumps and bruises” that happen to every quarterback in every game.

Judge said Jones visited with “doctors” on Monday but did not have the results of that examination, other than that there were no broken bones to contend with. The one update Judge did have came from his conversation with Jones.

“We didn’t do anything that aggravated that leg injury,” he said. “He assured us he came out with the hamstring the same as when he went in.”

Clearly, though, the hampered Jones led to a hampered offense. With Jones unable to extend plays, never mind run for first downs or more, the Giants managed only 159 net yards, their lowest output since 2013.

“We knew there were things that would come up in the game and some limitations he was going to have,” Judge said. “We were willing to live with those.”

Judge said on Sunday that thought was given to putting Colt McCoy in the game earlier than he played, and he left the door open for that option in this coming game as well.

“Just because we’re going to play Daniel doesn’t mean at any time that we’re not going to have a plan to put Colt in for a certain package or situation in the game,” he said.

McCoy, it should be noted, was just an ineffective as Jones. He was sacked twice and lost a fumble in his five snaps.

There is, of course, the potential that Jones’ physical condition will improve by the next game. He’ll be three weeks removed from the initial injury by then and have another week of rehab and work on the muscle.

Even if that’s not the case, though, Jones will be their guy.

“There is a commitment we’ve made to Daniel as our quarterback and how we’re running this offense,” Judge said. “If he is healthy enough to go out there and protect himself and we don’t feel he is putting himself in danger to be injured worse and he is going to give the team a competitive advantage of going out there, then we’re going to play him.

“We have no hesitation.”

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