During this period, what expecting and nursing women eat and feed their children has an outsized impact on the development of their babies’ brains and bodies – which is why understanding what influences parents is essential for food manufacturers, public health advocates, policy makers and other stakeholders so that collectively they can ensure more children lead healthier and happier lives in the future.

With this premise, they hypothesized that happier parents raise happier babies, Gerber tapped the consultancy agency Kantar to survey and analyze the responses of nearly 9,000 parents in 16 countries in 2020 about the extent to which they believe parenting today is easy, full of challenges outside their control and whether they feel support as a caregiver.

The result is The Parenting Index​ – a first-of-its-kind framework for understanding the experience of parenting around the world today, and a roadmap for finding solutions to shared pain points.

In this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup-To-Nuts podcast​, Nestlé SVP and head of Nutrition Thierry Philardeau shares some surprising insights from The Parenting Index, how the findings are influencing Nestle’s approach to product innovation and consumer communication and what more other industry players and stakeholders can do to better support parents.


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