Genesis Gardens plans to plant a garden on the corner of West Adams and North Johnson Street. John Curtis stands on the plastic marking the plot.
Pallets of canned food for Genesis Garden's food programs are seen at First Presbyterian Church in Macomb.
Stacked boxes of cereal wait to be packaged and delivered to different houses by Genesis Garden volunteers.
Food ready to be delivered to different houses sits, bagged, on a table at First Presbyterian Church, Macomb.

MACOMB — Genesis Garden has been active in tackling healthy food scarcity in the McDonough County region for many years, but they’ve scaled up their efforts significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The non-profit organization offers the public a variety of different programs, all of which are in the midst of expansion, according to Genesis Garden Executive Director John Curtis. He said that the organization plans to renew Kids Cook, a summer curriculum that teaches kids how to cook from home. They provide kids with kitchen tools, recipes, ingredients, training videos, and personal coaching to ensure success.

Curtis said that this year’s program will have shorter lessons, but that he hopes to see even more students sign up. There were 83 kids who enrolled in the program last summer, Curtis said.

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