August 17, 2022

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Full Moon In Cancer December 29 2020 Meaning: Leave 2020 In The Past

The end of 2020 is finally here and of course this year won’t go quietly! The final full moon of the year will occur on December 29 in the sign of Cancer and it will center us on home and family—fortunately, this moon, known as the Cold Moon, is harmonious. Expect very little drama, and use the Full Moon in Cancer to allow yourself to let go of 2020’s bad vibes once and for all. 

This year was jam-packed with a myriad of astrological events that served to push us to examine ourselves in ways we could have never fathomed in 2019. It’s no wonder the year will end with a full moon in the sign of Cancer, reminding us of the importance of the tribe that supported us throughout this challenging, transformational year. 

Remember that astronomically, a full moon occurs when the sun and moon are exactly 180 degrees away from each other, which happens every 29.5 days. More specifically, astrologers believe that full moon energy is all about balance. With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, we are being given a final chance this year to take a look at how well we are balancing our career, work life and professional goals (Capricorn) with our responsibilities at home (Cancer).

Key questions to consider during this period include anything like the following: Are you using work as an escape to avoid family obligations? Are you over-prioritizing your commitments to your family above your professional goals? Are you a little too comfortable at home, avoiding true professional progress? If you usually avoid questions regarding a healthy work-life balance, the universe will have no problem bringing them to your attention and forcing you to face the facts.

The full moon shines light on all things, leaving nothing hiding in the dark.

Plus, this Full Moon in Cancer is also a Cold Moon, signifying the darkest, coldest Full Moon of the year, as it immediately follows the Winter Solstice. Energetically, this is a time when we want to snuggle up and keep warm as best we can. If you truly did your best to prepare for the winter months, then this is a time to enjoy the home you’ve built for yourself. If you didn’t, then a little re-balancing may be in order. As magical co-creators, only the universe and yourself know what the best looks like for you, and this full moon will offer a little feedback on your journey towards it.

This Full Moon in Cancer will touch the cardinal signsAries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancerthe most, especially if you have planets between three and 13 degrees of any of those signs. The best way to use this full moon is to take everything that comes up as feedback on how well you are balancing your standing in the world with your standing at home. It is a great opportunity for you to create a little more equilibrium in your life.

Moreover, because Uranus is sending positive vibes to this full moon, you might find the universe has a really special surprise for you. For everyone else, though, this full moon should be fairly mild, although Uranus might send you a small surprise to shake things up if life has been feeling too monotonous.

Please don’t forget, every full moon is prime time for smudging and energetically cleansing your space. The full moon shines light on all things, leaving nothing hiding in the dark. We’ve had quite the year with all sorts of energy, so use this very last full moon to shoo away all the bad vibes from 2020 and prepare for all the new energy ushered in by the Great Conjunction. Cleanse, clear and ride that wave into 2021. Happy New Year!

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