You conquered sourdough bread, garden focaccia and dalgona coffee. You’ve also begrudgingly mastered the art of video chatting. If you’re not totally sick of your stand mixer yet and still want to learn more, a virtual baking class is an awesome way to combine your new talents (while enjoying a delicious treat in the process). Here are 13 of our favorite baking classes online right now that bring recipes from all over the world right into your kitchen. We hope you brought your appetite.

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Best for aspiring bakers and serious hobbyists

You already follow Dominique Ansel on Instagram for the Frozen S’mores, Blossoming Hot Chocolate and legendary Cronuts (he did invent them, after all). Now, you can get on the other side of the kitchen island with the French-American pastry chef (digitally speaking) and learn the basics behind his decadent, almost-too-pretty-to-eat creations. With a MasterClass membership, you’ll have access to 17 lessons (about 3½ hours of video) covering everything from mini madeleines and bonbons to fruit tarts and chocolate cake. You’ll also learn how to make a *flawless* croissant and the origin story behind the Cronut.

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Best for date night

Nothing says romance to us like dessert. Tune into this one-hour class for beginners based in Olgiate Comasco, Italy where you’ll whip up a mouthwatering treat with baker Silvia, who’s been making tiramisu for 20 years and attended the Tiramisù World Cup last year (yep, it’s a real thing). The tiramisù master gives you a list of ingredients to buy beforehand, but she’s more than willing to work with you to find substitutes if necessary. Groups are capped at six people, so it’ll be an intimate experience that leaves you with a delicious dessert for two. (Note: The Italian treat needs 24 hours in the fridge, so plan your dinner menu accordingly.) Join in a scheduled video call or book a private session if you want to make it even more intimate. Dates currently available through October 8.

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Best for families

Head to Johannesburg (well, sort of) for an hour-long dessert demo, plus a bonus interactive show. For the first 30 minutes, you’ll make a traditional peppermint crisp tart, a quick and tasty treat native to South Africa. While you wait for it to chill and set, a professional entertainer with more than 10 years of experience will wow your kids (or hey, even you) with a few magic tricks. Just be sure you have everything on the grocery list before it’s class time. Sessions currently available through September 8.

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Best for brunch with the girls

Bust out the mimosa pitchers, y’all—brunch is not cancelled. Japanese cook Kenji will show you the ins and outs of getting the most Insta-worthy puffy pancakes around. Best part? Odds are you already have everything you need to make them in your kitchen right now. The ten-person class is 75 minutes long and private bookings are also available. Sessions currently available through August.

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Best for lazy weekends

Kids ages 2 to 11 can get their hands dirty making and decorating a dozen donuts in this interactive 60-minute class. It’s a great chance to bond with your child, plus an opportunity for them to socialize and learn with other kids (especially after this brutal playdate drought). Longtime home baker Natalie kicks off class by chatting with the kids about their favorite desserts, then shares the recipe’s basic instructions. Once everyone’s donuts are finished, it’s time to dig in. Classes are available through August 8, but requests regarding private groups or school and corporate events are welcomed. Don’t forget the sprinkles.

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Best for groups of friends

Jessica, head teacher at a Montreal boutique baking school and host of Flour Power, has been teaching others how to bake for more than a decade. That means she’s just the person to guide you through the process of making French macarons, which are delicious and adorable, but notoriously difficult to master. Learn how to make everything from the batter to the filling to the decorations in this 90-minute, 10-person class. The recipe and ingredients required will be sent to you once you book. Classes are currently only listed through August 3 (though we expect more dates to come). You can also reach out about a private group experience, as well as any date or time you’d like to book that isn’t available.

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Best for ambitious DIYers

Did you know that Sicilian cannoli are made with ricotta, not mascarpone? They’re well worth a try, and who better to teach you than a passionate Sicilian-born cook based in Milano, Italy? Tune in for a six-person, 90-minute course with Gianfranco, who will teach you the key factors to making authentic cannoli, from the crunchy peel to the chocolate chips. Inquire about booking a private group class or join one of the scheduled six-person lessons through August 9. Make sure you check out the recommended tools, like cannoli molds and a circle cutter, before you book so you can create pastry perfection.

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Best for pastry lovers

Try your hand at making traditional kolache and babka, just as host and baking blogger Lenka did with her grandmother as a child in Slovakia. You’ll learn about yeasts and how to make a flawless sourdough pastry dough. The first half of the two-hour class is dedicated to preparing and resting the dough. While you wait, you’ll start the second half of the class dedicated to fillings before shaping and baking your tasty masterpieces. Sessions are currently live through July 28, but feel free to contact the host about alternate times or group bookings.

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Best bang for your buck

Kids ages 11 and under can spend an hour baking homemade chocolate chip cookies in this 10-person class led by your friendly host Natalie. Even better? Class sessions are priced per household, meaning you and however many of your sugar monsters want to join are covered by one reservation. Classes are currently listed through July 29 (keep an eye out for new dates in the future), but DM the host to discuss private classes or events for up to 30 people.

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Best for healthy eaters with a sweet tooth

Spend two hours making plant-based goodies with the help of Slovenian vegan bakery owner, Eva. The six-person class hits the ground running with chocolate chip cookie dough, featuring vegan ingredients like coconut oil and apple puree. While the dough chills, you’ll start the coffee and chai spice mix muffins. Finally, you’ll bake both before conducting a much-deserved taste-test. Choose a date between now and November 8 or reach out about group bookings or a date you’re interested in that isn’t currently available.

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Best for those who want to hone their culinary skills

So, only three of the famed chef’s 17 videos are dedicated to dessert. But we already know you’re subscribing to MasterClass to make Cronuts with Dominique, right? Check out Keller’s five-hour course and you’ll get to learn fundamental skills like poaching, cooking sous vide and how to cut and fillet a whole fish—cooking savvy we could all use anyway. But back to the sweets. Try your hand at making pots de crème, the Chef’s signature lemon tart with pine nuts and Granny Smith apple pie with a—wait for it—lard crust.

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Best for molecular gastronomy fans

Not only does your subscription grant you access to this course containing lessons in everything from gummy bears to licorice, but you’ll also be able to take the premium ice cream course. It covers soft serve, aerated sorbet, homemade toppings like malted peanuts and macerated strawberries, liquid nitrogen-churned ice cream and everything in between. Oh, and did we mention the 13 other lengthy ChefSteps cooking courses included in your membership? We’ll be over here, casually learning the magic of spherification.

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Best for adventurous bakers

This nine-minute course is one of more than 100 virtual Chocolate Academy video lessons that’ll help you impress every dinner (or should we say dessert?) guest you ever have. Once you’re subscribed, you can go ham with classes on the basics of ganache, making the perfect chocolate pastry glaze and recipes like chocolate-stuffed brioche and Brazil dark chocolate eclairs. In this video lesson, Julien Roy, bakery owner and runner-up for Best Baguette in 2011’s Mondial du Pain in Paris, will show you how to make a mean pain au chocolat. Bonus: You can give the free trial courses a test run before you buy. (We’re looking at you, golden crème brûlée bowl.)

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