If you are at the stage where you are giving your baby new foods to try and stressed about what is actually right, then you should know about certain restrictions. There are certain food items that you should avoid feeding your baby before they are one year old. Read on to know about these food items.


salt avoid foods one year baby

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salt avoid foods one year baby

The requirement of salt for a baby below the age of one is less than 1 gram. This need is met by breast milk as well as the sodium present in the vegetables. Therefore, you don’t need to feed the baby extra quantities as it is not required and can lead to harm to the baby’s health.

However, don’t panic if you sometimes feed the baby some food with salt. It may happen that you may forget to take out separate portions for the baby without salt or if someone else offers a few bites from their plate. It is not a problem when done rarely but you should surely keep the salt content in check.


Sugar is associated with a lot of health problems such as tooth decay, obesity, food rejection, immunity suppression, diabetes and many more. This is not only bad for babies but also for adults. Therefore, it should be avoided for at least two years. However, you can use alternatives like jaggery and honey but only after the age of one.

Cow Milk

Cow milk is restricted for babies before they reach the age of one as you do not want to replace formula or breastmilk as well as it is heavy, therefore, can be difficult for babies to digest. However, it is not restricted entirely.

You should only avoid giving direct cow milk but can give dairy products like curd, paneer, cheese, etc. as it is easy to digest. You can also use small amounts of cow milk in porridge.


a close up of a glass of orange juice: honey avoid foods one year baby

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honey avoid foods one year baby

Introducing honey too soon, especially before the age of 6 months can be risky as it can lead to infant botulism. Although this is rare but you still need to be careful.

However, don’t get in a tiff with the elders of the family if they insist on the ritual of touching honey to the baby’s lips as small amounts won’t harm the baby but you should be cautious.

Whole Nuts

a little girl brushing her teeth: nuts avoid foods one year baby

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nuts avoid foods one year baby

Whole nuts are surely healthy but come with the risk of choking. However, you can feed them to the baby in the form of powder or paste. Also, nut butters that are free of any kind of preservatives are also a good option. Although, you still need to be careful as these nuts can be allergic and can cause harm to the baby.

Egg Whites

People start feeding eggs to their babies as early as the age of 6 months but you should avoid feeding egg whites to the baby. Although egg whites contain vitamins, proteins and minerals but they can also cause irritation, rashes and can also lead to digestive problems. Therefore, it is advised to feed this to your baby after the age of one.

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