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Feeling Reckless? Blame the Full Moon in Aries

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Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner

Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner

What a relief. After an excruciatingly long period in which SIX planets were retrograde, four of them are now finally direct—just in time for the Full Moon in Aries.

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me briefly clue you in. Retrogrades are periods of reflection and embarrassment (maybe I’m projecting a little there). NGL, this retrograde season felt brutal, but trust that we all underwent necessary growing pains. The past few months provided an ample amount of time for personal development, self-reflection, and vision boarding. Now that Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn are direct, we can finally move forward with our ever-expanding dreams, goals, projects, and long-term commitments.

On October 20, 2021, at 10:56 A.M., the Full Moon is in Aries. Give yourself the permission to transform the structure of an area in your life. Be open to draining your ego and releasing any narcissistic tendencies that you may be harboring. Remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you, and that’s a good thing. Focus on connecting with others, and that will help you gain a healthier sense of self. Have a great Full Moon, and resist the urge to act recklessly.

Read your Full Moon in Aries horoscope:


Take time to recognize that you may be harboring harsh feelings towards and you’ll feel more human. The art of humanity is choosing to be humane, which involves having compassion for yourself. Lean on your close friends to help you better understand both yourself and them. Are you fully understanding what your loved ones are communicating, or are you hearing what you want to hear?


Talk about big baby energy! Watch yourself, Taurus. This Full Moon is bringing up a lot of suppressed emotions for you, and even if you choose to ignore them, they will act up. In fact, it’s probably best to spend this Full Moon at home, if you can. You may feel the urge to throw yourself into your routine, but make sure you grant yourself the space to feel and express your emotions. Mind your shadow as best as you can—the people around you will find charming ways to help you become aware of yourself.


You’re spending a lot of time within your romantic relationships, but are you granting yourself enough time to actualize your dreams? If you’re feeling unmet needs within your love life, that could actually be a reflection of what you’re lacking in your personal life. Do you remember what your goals are, and are you bringing them to life? This Full Moon is about helping you recognize that your aspirations are worth working towards.


Tension at home is urging you to be careful about what you accept from others. You’re beginning to understand that what you share cannot be taken back. Try not to bury yourself in work if you don’t have to, and remember that escapism is only a temporary relief. This Full Moon is giving you permission to recognize how your home life is being projected onto your work.


Emotions have a way of leading us towards confirmation bias. Please mind your feelings, especially now that Mercury Retrograde is over. This Full Moon is urging you to recognize that your intellectual expressions may be a reflection of your fears. What are you truly expressing, Leo? The astrological answer is that you are scared of your identity and the unknown. Let this Full Moon help you release those fears.


Good news: Financially, this time looks particularly promising for you. There is an abundance of opportunities out there for you to accumulate wealth. Just be careful: Giving with clear boundaries is noble, but watch to make sure you’re not spending based on emotional impulses. Share your resources carefully and without the expectation of monumental change.


If you can escape and take a trip, please do. You deserve a staycation or vacation, and don’t hesitate to put your phone on silent mode if you can. This Full Moon is helping you let go of obligations. The stars are pointing towards your need to focus on yourself for a change! As a result, you may become aware of feelings of frustration you’ve previously ignored.


It’s time to bring your dreams to life, Scorpio. Mercury Retrograde was a period that helped you become more aware of your emotions. Make sure that you’re taking the time to understand the roots of your feelings. Dedicate the day of this Full Moon to a spiritual practice—it will help you better express yourself. Try not to shy away from the difficulties you have been facing at home. Acknowledging them will help your personal healing.


It’s becoming easier for you to let go of a relationship that might be more idealistic than realistic. Sagittarius, you are such a positive force in people’s lives. You’re capable of charming a room and drawing attention to yourself without opening your mouth. You’ll be fine in the romance department! In fact, someone new could be making themselves visible to you right now.


If you can, begin to open up about your feelings at home. You can be the type to keep your emotions to yourself, partially because you understand the need for mindful responses. It takes time for you to process, and for that reason you can come off, a bit cold. But before you release certain aspects of your home life as you know it, be willing to open up. If you’re willing to be vulnerable, you can achieve the growth you’re yearning for.


You’re carrying so much wisdom, much of which was earned from tremendous struggle. As your planetary ruler, Saturn, flows out of its post-retrograde shadow period, you will begin to recognize the fruits of your labor. Information will begin to click for you. If you let yourself recognize your feelings instead of avoiding them, you’ll find it easier to understand yourself.


The Full Moon is giving you the chance to release emotional wounds that impact how you see yourself. Did you know that you are beautiful, Pisces? You are—just be your kind and compassionate self. Some more good news: A new relationship is being given the room to bloom. Congratulations!

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