January 23, 2022

Acqua NYC

Fit And Go Forward

FACTS FOR FAMILIES: Managing the winter blues | Health, Medicine and Fitness

• Spend some time with a friend. Whether in person (following COVID precautions), phone, or video chat, being able to continue to socialize and to confide in someone you trust is essential for everyone’s mental health and well-being.

• Volunteer. Giving back to others can boost your mood and satisfaction and may also provide a needed distraction from your own thoughts. Delivering meals or sending thoughtful cards to the homebound, checking in on and maybe running errands for older neighbors and donating needed items to food pantries, shelters and schools are just a few ideas to help others in your community.

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• Be kind to yourself and do something you enjoy. Maybe that is reading, watching a favorite show, engaging in an activity like puzzles or crafts — whatever brings you joy when you are involved in it. This may also include a little pampering/relaxation like getting a massage, a yoga session, or meditation.

• Take care of yourself physically. Continue to get exercise, stay hydrated, try to eat healthy and manage any health conditions by following your provider’s instructions.

• Plan something you can look forward to. I find that it is helpful to always have something on the calendar that I look forward to. That may be lunch with a friend, a special event to attend, a movie or show I’ve been wanting to watch — it can be anything big or small — but something that you anticipate doing.

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