Tip 1: Start Planning Early

“If you’re having a photographer or videographer shadow an artist, you’re going to want to book them early so you don’t end up in a panic looking for someone at the last minute. Make sure you have all of the rehearsals and fittings on your calendar ahead of time — sometimes these can be the most interesting moments, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture how things are coming together.”

Tip 2: Safety First

“The most important thing this year: Make sure everyone you’re working with has quarantined, is healthy and is tested for COVID-19 numerous times before the work begins. Always have face masks and hand sanitizer ready.”

Tip 3: Make Everyone A Content Creator

“The more content you can capture, the better. Even if you hire a photographer, everyone on your team should still be keeping an eye out for special moments to document as they pop up. Some of the most exciting things happen when a photographer isn’t around and it’s just the artist and the core team.”

Tip 4: Speed Is Key

“You want to move quickly and post in real time as much as possible to take advantage of all of the people online looking for content on the big day. Ideally, your photographer has a camera that can wirelessly transfer photos and can be edited on an iPhone. AirDrop is your friend: If you’re using your personal phone, have the artist ready for quick approvals and be ready to AirDrop them to the artist to post themselves if they would like.”

Tip 5: Don’t Overdo It

“There is going to be so much that you want to post, but there should be a balance between quality and quantity. You don’t want an Instagram story that’s 40 stories long — no one is going to watch it all the way through. That said, don’t stress out about the quality too much, either; social media is fun, and it doesn’t always have to be perfect. Sometimes it’s better when it’s a little rough around the edges.”

This article originally appeared in the Dec. 12, 2020, issue of Billboard.

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