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Are you informed that Hale delivers ECG at property in Hyderabad? Indeed, now you need not system, journey and wait in the prolonged queues at the Diagnostic centre for your ECG take a look at to be done. The Advanced ECG Examination at Home is a boon for cardiac individuals. Standard and exact ECG checking is crucial for heart sufferers. ECG detects the heart abnormalities that may cause coronary heart failure, coronary heart attack, and other anomalies. ECG assists you have a improved keep track of of your health, and your checks are finished timely.

Hale Clinics and Diagnostics does the Best ECG exam at the comfort and ease, privacy, and protection of your household, which is a non-invasive, pain-free take a look at with quick and correct final results. ECG Examination at Dwelling via Hale is a basic procedure that is the lowest priced ECG examination value in Hyderabad, most superior ECG device and proficient and very well properly trained lab technician.

Advantages of ECG Check at Household with Hale Clinics and Diagnostics

  • No need to have to travel and visit the diagnostic centre
  • Do away with wait around periods at diagnostic centers
  • Advantageous for aged and sick
  • Time saving and trouble absolutely free
  • Electronic studies
  • Fair ECG Test in Hyderabad at?v=oRUatGD20Wg

What We Provide:

ECG Test at House in Hyderabad

How to E-book ECG take a look at at Residence in Hyderabad?

  • Simply call us and Program your ECG exam at household. (or) Request a simply call again by filling an enquiry kind on line on our website.

Dial: +91 – 88 00 644 744

  • Your assigned pro lab technician, male or female, will arrive at your spot with the most innovative portable 12 channel ECG machine.
  • The check course of action normally takes all-around 30 min.
  • Electronic experiences will be sent on your mobile phone within just 10-15 min & your coronary heart condition will be notified no matter if it is in typical or irregular or significant issue.

Take note: Significant ailment needs instant professional medical notice.

What is an ECG Test?

An ECG, electrocardiogram, is a health-related check that detects abnormalities of the coronary heart by measuring the electrical activity created by the coronary heart as it contracts. The device that is utilised to document the patient’s ECG is referred to as an electrocardiograph. 

Why ECG Test?

An ECG might be suggested by a health care provider for people who are at risk of coronary heart condition since they smoke, are overweight, have diabetic issues, have substantial cholesterol, or have superior blood pressure, or because they have a family members history of heart condition. And also a doctor may perhaps endorse an ECG, for those people who are going through signs and symptoms these kinds of as chest pain, breathlessness, dizziness, fainting, or quickly or irregular heartbeats.   ECG is employed to look into and detect heart complications these types of as coronary heart enlargement, coronary heart swelling, and coronary heart sickness by monitoring irregularities in the heart’s rhythm. It is also utilized to notice the outcomes of particular prescription drugs on the coronary heart. The ECG is a harmless and non-invasive method with no pitfalls.

ECG Technique and Preparing

  • To lower fluctuations in the outcomes and purchase precise outcomes, steer clear of chilly fluids and strenuous bodily action, and also maintain your body totally free from oils and lotions before the take a look at.
  • In advance of the check, you could be requested to take away apparel above your waistline to allow for the electrodes to attach.
  • The technician may well shave the hair on the parts of your system where the electrodes will be put so that the patches stick.
  • There are close to 12 – 15 electrodes that are attached to your upper body, arms and legs. 
  • Electrode patches are attached to the body with the aid of a gel.
  • You can breathe normally through the check, but you have to lie still. The check effects could be afflicted if you shift, talk, or shiver.
  • Electrodes transmit the heart’s electrical activity to the ECG equipment.
  • An ECG machine generates a wave pattern symbolizing the heart’s rhythm.
  • Total technique of the examination can take all-around 30 min.

Kinds of ECG Assessments

Resting ECG: Affected person will lie down all through the exam

Holter ECG: You use a mobile recording unit for at the very least 24 hours. you are no cost to shift about as standard while the observe is connected.

Worry ECG: ECG is taken when the affected person is engaged in bodily routines.

Troubles that can be diagnosed by ECG 

  • Heart enlargement
  • Congenital coronary heart defects 
  • Abnormal heart beats
  • Coronary occlusion or blockage in the arteries 
  • Inadequate blood offer to the coronary heart
  • Unconventional posture of the coronary heart
  • Heart inflammation 
  • Cardiac arrest 
  • Disturbances of the heart’s conduction system
  • Imbalances in the blood chemicals 
  • Coronary heart assault concerns

Digital Reviews by Hale Clinics and Diagnostics:

By opting in ECG check at dwelling stories are usually sent on your telephone within just 10-15 min after the exam is finished.  And also you will be notified of your heart problem by our physicians. If the success are usual, no extra screening is necessary. However, if the effects suggest that the coronary heart is possessing complications, the client may will need to repeat the ECG take a look at, or the health practitioner might suggest other tests.

Nutritious heart ECGs have a distinct shape. Any irregular cardiac rhythm or problems to the heart muscle mass may alter the electrical action of the coronary heart, altering the ECG’s condition.

Routinely Asking Queries:

1. What is the distinction between ECG and EKG?

Each ECG and EKG are the same issue. ECG stands for Electrocardiogram whereas EKG stands for Electrocar Diagram in German.

2. What is the Home ECG Check value in Hyderabad by Hale?

The ECG Take a look at cost in Hyderabad as a result of Hale Clinics and Diagnostics is Rs.350/- only.

3. Is the ECG Exam at residence readily available at all destinations of Hyderabad?


4. How lengthy does it get you to send me my ECG examination stories?

You will get studies in 10-15 minutes soon after the test is finished

5. How is ECG executed on females as a result of Hale?

For women, the ECG take a look at will be done by our female lab assistant.

6. Can I get a woman lab assistant to my household for the ECG examination?

Of course.

7. What is the change involving ECG and EKG?

To limit fluctuations in the final results and purchase exact results, keep away from cold fluids and arduous actual physical activity, and also preserve your body absolutely free from oils and lotions before the take a look at.

8. Are there any troubles of the ECG check?

No. ECG checks are safe procedures devoid of any issues.

9. How can I program my ECG test at house by means of Redheal?

Phone us and Plan your ECG test at house, Or Check out Website to guide your ECG test

Dial: +91 – 88 00 644 744

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