10 Products That Took This Bad Sleeper To Snooze City

Much like Gigi and Zayn, I am also a member of Team No Sleep. Not because I have a newborn baby, but because I struggle with a nice laundry list of bedtime woes — which, naturally, has only been exacerbated by the current state of the world. In the name of better slumbers, and for all you troubled resters out there, I tried a bunch of hyped-up sleep products to discover what actually works. To layout just a few of my sleep dilemmas: I’m restless in bed; I have trouble falling asleep; I wake up multiple times throughout the night; I’m a walking zombie. For the most accurate and “scientific” approach, I tested each product consecutively for three days and did NOT deviate from my normal nighttime routine. (My normal nighttime routine includes getting into bed around 10:30 p.m. and scrolling on my phone — I’m just not willing to give up that part of my life right now, okay?) Join me on my journey to Snooze City by clicking ahead to discover what goods really got the job done — from topical patches to magnesium gummies, and every pillow and potion in between. At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.Hydrant SleepWhat it is: A drink mix. What it’s supposed to do: This beverage mix — crafted with elderberry, melatonin, magnesium, L-theanine, GABA, chamomile, and additional electrolytes — is meant to help you fall asleep soundly and is formulated to drink hot or cold.Shop HydrantHydrant Sleep, $, available at HydrantWhat it actually did: Helped me wind-down before bed.What it didn’t do: Help me fall or stay asleep.My bedtime story: I was particularly excited to try this product because I’m always looking for ways to increase my hydration and liked the idea of the additional benefits of electrolytes and elderberry in a sleep-aid. The taste is a bit sweet for my personal liking, but I can see how that could appeal to some people who like having a treat in the evening. I also didn’t really feel any effects from the melatonin (if you’re unsure if melatonin is appropriate for you, please consult your doctor before taking). The main draw for me here is that this can be drunk cold, which will be really nice for the warmer months when I don’t want to drink a hot cup of sleepy-time tea in the evening. Who it’s best for: People who’d rather have a cold drink, rather than a hot tea before bed. Hydrant Sleep, $, available at HydrantThis Works Deep Sleep Breathe In Roll-OnWhat it is: A blend of essential oils in roll-on form.What it’s supposed to do: This roll-on is made from a blend of chamomile, lavender, and vetiver to minimize anxiety, calm your mind, and puts you into a deep sleep.Shop ThisWorksThisWorks Deep Sleep Breathe In Roll-On, $, available at AmazonWhat it actually did: Helped me relax before bed.What it didn’t do: Help me stay asleep.My bedtime story: After reading so many great reviews on Amazon, I decided to pop this in my cart and I’m so glad I did. I rolled the essential oil on my wrists right before laying down to sleep and the spa-like scent made it feel like I stepped up my relaxation game by 100% and I really do think it helped calm me down and ease me into slumber. Side note: I can also see this being great for travel once that’s a thing again. Who it’s best for: Essential-oil enthusiasts who like a nighttime ritual. ThisWorks Deep Sleep Breathe In Roll-On, $, available at AmazonThe Nue Co. Sleep Drops & Magnesium EaseWhat it is: The Nue Co.’s Sleep Drops is a bedtime tincture and the Magnesium Ease is a body spray.What it’s supposed to do: The Nue Co.’s Sleep Drops contain valerian root, passionflower, catnip, and chamomile to encourage falling asleep faster. Magnesium Ease is a body spray crafted from a blend of magnesium chloride, lavender, and arnica oil — it’s absorbed through the skin and serves to reduce muscle tension, speed up recovery, and improve relaxation.Shop The Nue Co.The Nue Co. Stress Set, $, available at The Nue CoWhat it did: Helped me fall asleep fast.What it didn’t do: Help me stay asleep.My bedtime story: Be warned, these sleep drops taste VERY earthy — and the Magnesium Ease feels slightly tingly when you rub it on the skin (I sprayed this on my shoulders and neck because that’s where I store my stress tension). BUT, the first night I used this duo I have never fallen asleep faster. I also really loved the slight arnica effect of the Magnesium Ease on my muscles.Who it’s best for: Someone who needs double-duty sleep assistance. The Nue Co. Stress Set, $, available at The Nue CoRenne Full Moon Sleep TinctureWhat is it: A CBD sleep tincture. What it’s supposed to do: This tincture contains 2000mg of hemp-derived CBD with tulsi, bergamot, and vanilla bean. Before bed: put the oil under your tongue, hold it for 20 seconds, and then swallow. Shop RenneRenne Full Moon Sleep Tincture, $, available at Standard DoseWhat it did: Helped me stay fast asleep throughout the night. What it didn’t do: Help me fall asleep faster.My Bedtime Story: I took this right before bed, as the bottle recommends — and, while it didn’t help me fall asleep faster, I slept like a literal rock throughout the night. No tossing and turning or waking up, just deep-deep sleep. I do want to mention that I woke up feeling rested, but a little groggy; sort of the same feeling you get if you take drowsy allergy meds before bed. On (maybe) an unrelated note: I did have some weird dreams about ordering my old boss Chipotle and losing my car in a college parking lot — but who knows if this is connected to the CBD or not?Who it’s best for: Someone who has trouble staying asleep through the night.Renne Full Moon Sleep Tincture, $, available at Standard DoseBearaby Cotton Napper Weighted BlanketWhat it is: A 15lb weighted blanket. What it’s supposed to do: According to Bearaby, weighted blankets have been medically proven to promote naturally deeper sleep cycles. The weight on your body helps to stimulate the production of serotonin, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases melatonin. This particular blanket is handknit, made from breathable organic cotton, and comes in three weights. FYI: your blanket should be roughly 10% of your body weight. Shop BearabyBearaby The Napper (15lbs), $, available at BearabyWhat it actually did: Helped me feel more comfortable and less restless. What it didn’t do: Help me fall asleep faster. My bedtime story: I was skeptical about this one, I know so many people have weighted blankets and love them but I’ve never understood the appeal — until I got my hands on one of my very own. It’s kind of a game-changer and feels like a giant hug. I’m a person with 24/7 achy muscles and can never seem to find a comfortable sleeping position. The slight pressure from this 15lb blanket felt soothing and supportive, my body was able to settle much easier, and I was much less restless throughout the night. Who it’s best for: Uneasy sleepers who need help settling their bodies to snooze. Bearaby The Napper (15lbs), $, available at BearabySakara Sleep TeaWhat it is: An herbal bedtime tea.What it’s supposed to do: This chamomile and lavender sleep tea contains catnip, valerian root, and passionflower — all of which is meant to help encourage relaxation, lower anxiety, and help you fall asleep faster.Shop SakaraSakara Sleep Tea, $, available at SakaraWhat it did: Helped me wind-down in the evening.What it didn’t do: Help me fall or stay asleep.My bedtime story: So the catnip part of this tea kind of freaked me out, but it tastes and smells like an earthy spa which totally changed my tune. This is such a nice little addition to my bedtime “routine” and seems luxurious without breaking the bank. I wouldn’t say it helped me fall asleep, but I felt like I was doing something nice for myself — which I think is just as important these days, right?Who it’s best for: Someone who doesn’t necessarily have trouble with sleep, but likes an evening ritual to enhance their self-care routine Sakara Sleep Tea, $, available at SakaraThe Good Patch Nite Nite PatchWhat it is: A topical patch.What it’s supposed to do: Infused with 3mg of melatonin and 15mg of hemp this topical patch works steadily over an eight to 12-hour period. You just place it on the inside of your wrist before bedtime and peel it off in the morning.Shop The Good PatchThe Good Patch Nite Nite Patch (4-Pack), $, available at Standard DoseWhat it actually did: Helped me stay asleep throughout the night.What it didn’t do: Help me fall asleep faster.My bedtime story: I was a little wary about how well this would work and fully felt like I was putting on a sea-sickness patch before bedtime — which was fun, I guess? Although I’m not sure this helped me fall asleep faster, I do think it helped me stay asleep throughout the night with little tossing and turning. The patch must contain just the right balance of melatonin and hemp because I woke up the next morning easily (aka I didn’t hit snooze a dozen times) and I felt rested and calm with not a hint of grogginess.Who it’s best for: Someone who has trouble staying asleep, but doesn’t want the effects of an oral CBD. The Good Patch Nite Nite Patch (4-Pack), $, available at Standard DoseNatural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress GummiesWhat it is: A magnesium gummy.What it’s supposed to do: According to Natural Vitality, everyday stressors naturally deplete our body’s magnesium levels (an important mineral for healthy cell function). Each of these gummies contains 83 grams of magnesium citrate which helps to release tension from the body and calm the mind. Shop Natural VitalityNatural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Gummies, $, available at AmazonWhat it actually did: Calmed and relaxed me before bedtime. What it didn’t do: Help me fall or stay asleep.My bedtime Story: Although not a total sleep product, these OG magnesium-filled (and delicious) gummies did help with the wind-down process. I tend to sit in a weird pretzel-style position and crouch over my laptop all day, which makes me feel tight and crackly by the time evening rolls around. After taking these (vegan and gluten-free!) gummies an hour or two before I wanted to get ready for bed, they really did help to relax my muscles and soften my anxious edge. Who it’s best for: Someone who wants a bit of extra help relaxing after a long day.Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Gummies, $, available at AmazonCoyuchi Turiya Organic Latex PillowWhat it is: A pillow designed specifically for back and side sleepers. What it’s supposed to do: This pillow is designed for proper spinal alignment and relieving pressure on your head and neck, which is ultimately supposed to help you sleep better and longer. The indentations on the sides should be lined up with your ear to alleviate pressure on your face when sleeping on your side (it should also help with face and neck wrinkles!). The indentation on the bottom side of the pillow cradles your head when sleeping on your back, aligning your spine and opening airways. The Turiya Pillow is made of GOLS-certified organic latex and the inner pillow cover is made of 100% organic cotton.Shop CoyuchiCoyuchi Turiya™ Organic Latex Pillow, $, available at CoyuchiWhat it did: Helped me to sleep in a more comfortable position with less shoulder and neck discomfort.What it didn’t do: Help me fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer.My Bedtime Story: I was excited to try this pillow because I’m a side sleeper who always wakes up with shoulder pain (I told you, I’m an achy person). The Turiya pillow is firm and supportive, but it’s also soft and comfortable. As Coyuchi mentions, it did take a few nights for me to get used to sleeping with my head in the designated position — but, otherwise, my neck felt supported with less pressure on my ear and shoulder. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would!Who it’s best for: Back and side sleepers.Coyuchi Turiya™ Organic Latex Pillow, $, available at CoyuchiHatch RestoreWhat it is: An app-controlled sound machine and smart light. What it’s supposed to do: The Restore has 31 customizable settings that feature sounds like white noise, gentle rain, and guided meditations. It also functions as a reading light, nightlight, and a light-alarm clock. You can personalize your bedtime routine so you can fall asleep and wakeup just the way you like.Shop HatchHATCH Restore, $, available at AmazonWhat it did: Lulled me to sleep. What it didn’t do: Help me stay asleepMy Bedtime Story: I live right by a highway and my apartment is very loud and rattly, both of which are kind of concerning and very distracting when I’m trying to fall asleep. In the summer, I got used to the white-noise my A/C would make — it drowned out all of the creeks in my bedroom and lulled me to sleep faster. But, now that it’s winter and my A/C is no longer in use, I’ve been desperate to find a more permanent replacement. Enter, the Hatch Restore to save the night. It did just the trick in drowning out all that outside noise (the “Sea Wind” sound is probably my favorite), and I really liked using it as a reading lamp before bed. I didn’t end up using this as an alarm clock because my screeching iPhone works just fine. Who it’s best for: Someone who needs white noise to fall asleep. HATCH Restore, $, available at AmazonLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?These Skin-Care Ingredients Work While You SleepEvery Pillow Your Body Didn’t Know It Ne13 Mood-Boosting Wellness Goods To Make Your Day

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