January 26, 2022

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Dr. Jodie Peacock’s New Book ‘Preconceived’ Helps Women Optimize Their Health And Fertility

Born from naturopathic expertise and personal experience, Dr. Jodie Peacock’s book ‘Preconceived: A Step-by-Step Guide To Enhancing Your Fertility And Preparing Your Body For A Healthy Baby’ is an invaluable resource for women and couples.

Dr. Jodie Peacock’s new book cuts through the pharmaceutical dominance inherent in western medicine with a naturopathic focus on fertility, helping women develop and control their health, hormones, potential to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. “Preconception (3-6 months before pregnancy) is the most critical time to ensure the future health of your children,” says Dr. Peacock.

Dr. Jodie Peacock, ND, has a special interest in women’s health with a special focus on hormone balancing and fertility. After being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in her early twenties, Dr. Peacock concentrated on learning how to naturally optimize hormonal health, prepare for conception and carry a pregnancy to term.

The book ‘Preconceived: A Step-by-Step Guide To Enhancing Your Fertility And Preparing Your Body For A Healthy Baby’ is a comprehensive and easy to use guide to boost fertility and prepare for a healthy baby. Chapters address various area of life and health, such as stress, vitamins, diet and exercise, and offers comprehensive, easy-to-implement strategies. Many couples who are in the early stages of planning for pregnancy, are overwhelmed with information that is often contradictory. It is difficult to cut through to the facts and find a strategy that will benefit their unique needs. Dr. Peacock’s book provides an organized approach to reproductive health that reads like a how-to guide. It addresses the 3-6 months leading up to pregnancy that are rarely discussed but are critically important to conceiving and delivering a healthy baby. By implementing the strategies at the end of each chapter, couples can systematically address every aspect of life and health that can affect hormones, fertility, sperm and egg quality, conception and pregnancy.

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